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imageNo Silver Bullet To Meet 2025 CAFE Standards, Say Experts |

There is no silver bullet for meeting 2025 CAFE standards, but consumers can expect to see an emphasis on the increased efficiency of conventional powertrains, improvements in aerodynamics, weight-reduction and varying degrees of electrification.

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  • soakeesoakee Member Posts: 14

    Every vehicle owner in the U.S. needs to write their congressional representative to urge a repeal of these socialistic CAFE standards. the U.S. government should not be dictating what is produced (sounds like socialism, doesn't it?). Let the market price of fuel dictate what buyers want. This worked during the first oil embargo in the '70's (before CAFE). Should the U.S. economy not be a free market society?

  • lions208487lions208487 Member Posts: 240

    If I got 19 MPG, but my car ran off of liquid hydrogen this would be a non-issue. We need need eco-friendly fuels with available performance. Lucky for us, Tesla is a US build performance brand that doesn't need petroleum, and Honda and Toyota are releasing fuel cell cars that will hopefully lead to further development or non petroleum based fuels.

    For now; however, raising CAFE standards forces industry standards. Even a 2015 4K lbs Challenger will be able to achieved 30 MPG hwy. So despite the government propaganda at least it's a step to have air that isn't as polluted.

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