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Interior Trim - Cashmere vs "Light" Cashmere on a Buick LeSabre Ltd

soonerdewsoonerdew Member Posts: 26
edited July 2014 in Buick

Hi, all. I have a 2004 Lesabre Limited with the Celebration Edition package, leather seats and "light cashmere" interior (Code 314). I need to find a replacement driver-side sun visor, as the original has broken (door came off). I ordered one from a salvage yard that was sold as "tan," but I found out the hard way that "tan" doesn't match "cashmere", which ALSO apparently doesn't match "light" cashmere.

My research shows that for 2004, an interior color code starting with 31, including 314, 31I, 313, all mean "Lt Cashmere." I've not yet found one that corresponds to a color of "Cashmere" without the "light" description, yet it seems one must exist, or one that causes some salvage places to list pieces in that color as "tan," when in reality they're more of a cocoa color - enough of a difference to matter, unfortunately. What are the differences? My expectation has been that finding a car with an interior of 31X (X being an arbitrary value) should match my car - is that a safe assumption?

Is there any other source for this kind of a part? So far my searches have led me to eBay and theiir associated salvage yard stores, but if someone here knows of a better source, I'd be delighted to pursue it.




  • soonerdewsoonerdew Member Posts: 26

    Although I realize no one responded to this, I thought I'd at least post some "closing" information. I did find an interior piece from a Lesabre with a color code of 313 that matched my 314-coded Lesabre, and I'm a happy camper. My driver's side sun visor is now good-as-new, although replacing it was a bit hairier than I expected---rather than the wiring harness just taped to the headliner, it was stuck in a wad of epoxy and simply didn't afford me enough slack to disconnect the harness - had to clip the wires and join them :(. But it's fixed.

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