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I've replaced the front bearing on a 94 Celica three times in the past 4 months. The third time I replaced the hub as well.

I'm not confident about the reliability of the front suspension at this point, although if the bearing was originally replaced on a bad hub, the hub would've taken out the bearing soon anyway.

Still, on speed-bumps, at moderate speed, the same-side tire where the bearing was replaced seems to "thud", while it doesn't happen on the other tire.

Could the shocks be going out? Could the shocks going out take out bearings? This "noise" I have heard for a long time, through out the replacement of the bearings and before.

The bearings are non-serviceable type, and rather expensive to replace, so I would rather take care of the source problem than the symptom.



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    The thud is probably from the strut, or the strut plate. Have you looked at it to see if it is wet looking, or greasy? Try bouncing the car on that side, if it doesn't stop bouncing after 1-2 bounces it's shot.

    The struts have to be replaced in pairs, and the ones I use are from Monroe, called Sensa Trac, they have the best ride out of all the other brands I have tried, and carry a lifetime warranty. If you change them, take them both off and take them with you to the store. Most auto parts stores will change the springs and strut plate at the top for a few bucks. Put them back in and take it to the alignment shop, tell them you just did the struts. If the strut plate is bad they will tell you at the store, but you should be able to tell once you get the strut off, it will be extremely loose and sloppy on the part that has the studs on it that goes through the strut tower.
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