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Which is cheaper on gas...Dodge Ram Gasoline or Dodge Diesel

angel_7angel_7 Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Dodge
I' can't find any information on which does better in the long run...
I am looking to purchase a 3/4 ton Dodge Ram with Long bed and quad...
Which would give me the better gas mileage.. the gasoline engine or the diesel..
thank you for taking the time


  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    but save in fuel cost over the long run...maybe very long run.
  • dumbdogdumbdog Posts: 3
    i own a 97 dodge ram 4x4 diesel. the mileage around town is 17, the highway19.5, right now i am purchasing diesel for 1.64, and reg. gas is 1.81, so I am making out. Last winter however I paid on average 2.00 a gallon for diesel. A friend owns a 2000 4x4 360 gas motor. his mileage is around 11 around town. unknown what he gets on the highway. I really like the diesel for the power, engine warranty (5 years/100k). things you might want to consider are higher costs for some maintenance items such as oil changes (the diesel holds I believe 13 quarts, it does have two batteries. I have been happy with the truck which has 53000 mostly around town miles.
  • hdriderhdrider Posts: 49
    If you need a heavy towing vehicle and will use it for that, diesels are the ONLY way to go! More torque and better fuel economy than gas, and the engine will last twice as long before overhaul. However... Just wait till that warranty is thru... For example... Cummins injectors run $325 each. There are six of them. Rarely do all six go out, but had one diesel mechanic (not a dealer, but large diesel engine mechanic) tell me he had to replace all eight on a Powerstroke AFTER warranty had expired. PSD's injectors run $625 each! He said the owner traded in the truck after the repair was done. I have a Chev 6.5L TD and had to replace the starter (after the 3/36 warranty expired) which cost me $625. My fuel injector pump was replaced in Dec 00 for $1200 incl labor. I will say that with 136K+ miles, my TD is still running strong and apparently, I am one of the fortunate few to have this luck with the old 6.5L TD.

    Bottom line, make sure you're buying a diesel for the right reasons.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I don't think the powerstoke which uses injectors faster then the cummings will ever be able to pay for itself in gas mileage after also counting the initial purchase. The Cummings may, but I bet it takes over 100,000 miles to do it, maybe much sooner if it was all heavy trailer interstate towing. Buying used is another story as on a 98 Dodge the diesel only adds $1500-$2300 to the cost so it would be easier to make up.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    EXCELLENT POST!!! I always laughed when people say the diesel has a higher resale value. No S^$t, it costs 4k more to begin with.

    This fuel thing has me wigged out, however. A few months back diesel was near the cost of premium in Vegas, negating any savings in economy, IMO. Now diesel is cheaper than regular....go figure.
  • hdriderhdrider Posts: 49
    Remember when gas was $1.0/gal and diesel was closer to .50??? Ahhhhhhh, the good ole' days...
  • ethuressonethuresson Posts: 55
    I gaurantee the gas motor gets better gas mileage in this comparo since the diesel will get 0mpg if you put gas in it. If you choose to put diesel fuel in it, things change considerably..

    Sorry, couldn't resist..;)
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