Passat 2001.5 Windshield

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Has anyone noticed distortion at the lower left and right corners of the windshield? My GLX makes left and right highway dividers bow in and out when you glance at the lower corners. This distortion seems to affect about 15% of the corners. Is this serious? Should I just try to avoid glancing at those corners?


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    If you've checked other windshields for your car and they don't have distortion, the mag is obligated to replace yours, if you want it done. Just be sure to check the replacement windshield BEFORE it is installed on your car! I've seen Consumer Reports mention on occasion defective windshields in their road tests of new cars.
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    I recently saw a new term, "soft glass". Does anyone know what this means? Does it refer to distortion? bgkanne, mentioned it to the dealer and for other reasons as well, will be picking up a new vehicle.
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    I picked up my new Passat about a week ago. I started noticing it after a day or so. Kind of the distortion you get when heat radiates off of hot pavement. Mine seems to be on the lower right side of the passenger side. Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon occurance on the Passat. Some people have had theirs replaces under warranty right away.

    I don't know what to do, its not that noticable, and I am afraid that I will get more problems with the install than it is worth. And no 100% gaurantee the new one will be perfect either.
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    Yours is a much better description than mine. That's exactly how it appears. Will be picking up my replacement Passat GLX this Sat.; will let you know about the windshield after the holiday. I noticed a Passat in the dealer's showroom with distortion on the lower right.
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