Road trip with my new 2014 Odyssey

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On July 14, 2014 my wife & I made a decision to trade in our 2002 Red Odyssey for a 2014 White Odyssey EX.
The next day, at the dealership moved all our luggage, etc from the old 2002 Odyssey EX (with 347,000 kms) directly to the new one and without going home left Waterloo, Ontario for Dickinson, TX. We drove a total of 7,200 kms. Did not push it till about 2.000 kms. I had a few USA dealers check the oil. One in Littleton, Colorado topped up the oil and said any time you want the oil checked and maybe fill go to any Honda dealer. On some Colorado highways we did 5.8 litres/100 kms. Most driving we did 7.8 on highway and 8.6 city, but not too much city. Before we left Waterloo we were told to do an oil change and rotation at 7,500 kms. It goes in next week for floor mats, Honda rust-proofing ($795 - guaranteed 10 years), oil change and tire rotation.
Love the computers, back-up camera, side-mirror camera and left blind-spot mirror.
Drove like a dream.
Got home, in Guelph, Ontario on August 29th.


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    Cool, that's the best way to break in any new car. We did that in '99 with a new Nissan minivan, but we headed first to Canada. :)

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    I should mention that my 2014 Honda EX, that was bought in Canada, has cloth and heated seats. Like the ones sold in the USA it was built in Lincoln, AL
    Edmunds reviews show the EX with non-heated seats.

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