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Pontiac Bonneville... But what about leaking into trunk?

dillidilli Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Pontiac

I've seen where everyone keeps asking if water is leaking into the trunk when discussing water pooling behind the driver's seat but no further mention of it. The trunk seals are in good shape. The trunk lid liner shows no water damage so I'm assuming there aren't any leaks at the spoiler mounts. Does anyone know what other possibilities I can check out?


  • your water leak is coming from your drivers side door. There is a sheet of plastic inside the door where the water runs along then drains out the holes under the door. When the glue that holds the sheet of plastic tight to the door is not working any longer the sheet separates from the door allowing water to drain inside the doorthen in the vehicle.   Next time you wash your car or it rains open your door and see if there is water buildings up around and behind the running board.  Thats where the water is running down and going under and behind your drivers seat.

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