Holden Rodeo/Isuzu 98 automatic 3.2 v6 starting problems

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Hi guys I'm having a lot of trouble with my ute I recently bought it from the dealers and since I left that drive way iv regretted ever walking in. Upon sale I was given all the receipt about the ute it has a rebuilt motor and gearbox and all the sensors and rings were changed couple of days after sale the problem started my ute wouldn't turn on and I know I shouldn't be tapping the accelerator but it's the only way to get it started it's been to 4 different mechanics including mine and no one can find the issue it's been run through the computer no codes are showing the engine was washed twice inside the radiator was replaced a service was done and last but not least the fuel system was flushed. I can't keeping forking out for things that are not fixing the issue.

If there's anyone that might have an idea please let me know
If this helps my mechanic re opened the engine checked all fuses and sensors he had it for a week he told me the car will have struggles turning on when it's cold n the weather doesn't help but after the first 2-5 mins of accelerating it'll warming up and start to pass the c on gauge car runs and drives fine the whole day no issue except the mornings or bein left in cold weather for 4-5 hours.
I don't know much about cars any advice will do thanks.

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