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2001 Toyoto Highlander - Brake Booster problems

chevalcheval Member Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Toyota
Are you having problems with your Brakes? When you press down on your brakes, do they stop the car immediately? If not, be aware: Your Brake Booster my be defective. I've had my new 2001 Highlander for about 7 weeks. I currently have about 3500 miles on it. At 1K miles, I began to hear a sound when I pressed down on the brakes. In addition, I had to press closer to the floor before the car stopped. I knew immediately that this should not occur on a new vehicle. I've recently selected the Highlander, after a previous car accident, where my SUV was 'totaled'. Having this brake problem makes me nervous and places my life in danger.

Well, to make a long story short, my vehicle has been at the Toyoto repair 3 times. 1st to determine it was a Brake Booster problem, which I waited 3 weeks for the part (problems with being notified). 2nd visit was to install the part. The 3rd visit, the part didn't fix the problem. Currently, my Highlander is still in the shop. Any one else having this problem? Do I have a Lemon'? Should I make the next car payment on a new car that's been in the shop this many times during the past 30 days?


  • chevalcheval Member Posts: 2
    Update on Brake Booster: I picked up my Highlander from Toyoto service on 5/16 .. after a couple of days in service, they determined that it wasn't the Brake Booster part that was defective. As it turns out, they only needed to 'bleed the air out'. The noise when pressing on the brakes was due to the air in the lines ... per Toyoto. I am now driving my car and the brakes are better, but they could be a lot sharper and quicker when you stop. Maybe, they are now working as designed .. Talk with the Customer Relations Manager and informed him that I wasn't 'completely' satisfied. They will now have a District Mgr come and drive my Highlander to determine if it's up to standards or not. I'll keep you posted ....
  • manoj_dhallmanoj_dhall Member Posts: 1
    I had similar brake problem with Highlander. My brake booster was replaced but after that it became even worse. The brake pedal gets stuck and then I can not drive more than 40 M/hr. The dealer did the test drive and agrees that this is something which needs to be fixed. I may have the take the car now fourth time to fix the brakes.

    Any body who faced this problem...
  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508
    That *GREAT* Toyota quality!!
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