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Is there a way to resolve intermittent engine knocking? I hear this knocking about 75% of the time, only in drive and reverse, never in park or neutral, and only with the a/c off. It's a 96 J30. I just had the 60k service performed by the dealer (new plugs, reset timing) and an oil change (Syn Mobile 1, 10W30) done by someone else. They (Inf. dealer) also did an induction cleaning. Ever since these services, the car has a noticeable knocking sound coming from the engine. Is it bad gas (I always use Amoco 93) or did the dealer f up my car? I've been using synthetic oil for about 2 years so I can't imagine the oil causing the pinging noise. One former mechanic said if the dealer didn't evacuate the system properly after the induction cleaning, it could have bent a rod since that cleaning compound is not combustible. Those were his words, although I'm not sure what he means by the "rod". The experience at this Inf. dealer was horrible. I'd prefer to not go back to this dealer. They deny everything even though it seems I received my car in worse condition than before. It never "knocked" before these services. I can see vibrations occuring around one spark plug when I open the hood, left rear plug. I'm guessing that's where the knocking is coming from. Any ideas on the engine knocking? Thanks



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    I own a 96 J30 with 71K miles and it does the same but the ac is on. I thought it was a low idle speed but it is at specs. I DO NOT deal with my local Infiniti deals AT ALL. I paid a bit over $300 for the 60K service and they wanted to charge $2K plus. I would have the idle checked and make sure it's at specs. You should try another BB, it is under Infiniti J-30. There's a lot more info in there.
    Good Luck!!
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    I live in Louisiana, and I love my Infiniti. I am the proud owner of two J30s. I have a 1997.5 J30t (pewter), and a 1994 J30 (ivory). My 1994 J30 blows very warm air. I never really drive it alot, it has 34,000 miles on it, and my 1997.5 has 43,000 miles. I made a recent purchase of a 2001 Mercedes-Benz E55. I am not as excited as I was when I bought my J's. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my a/c?
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    Sounds like the system on your 94J simply evacuated from non use... You may also have a seal that is leaking due to the same reason. I run my AC year round to avoid just that. A simple pressure test and recharge should do the trick.
    Try another J30 BB (Infiniti J-30) there's a lot more postings there. I have a 96 J with 72K miles on it (bordeaux red) Love it!!!!
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    I concur anout the AC. It is recommended that you use the AC for at least 10 minutes a week to keep the seals lubricated. If you rarely drive it, it sounds to me like a seal has dried up and cracked due to non-use and thus let all the freon out. A recharge might fix the problem, but more than likely a seal or component has a leak in it and will have to be replaced. Good luck! I know how miserable it is to live in the hot and humid south with no AC.
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    Can anyone recommend a good, honest mechanic for my '97 I30T in the St. Louis, Missouri area?
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    messinjd---I'm not sure what kind of problem you're having with your inifiniti, but I recommend Knight Automotive in St. Louis for a/c work. This is an independent shop with a very knowledgable mechanic for a/c work. They may do other work as well. Good Luck--it's a shame when "good, honest mechanic" seems like an oxymoron.
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    The drivers' side back rear speaker has blown out in my 94 "J". For those of you who have had the headache of experiencing this nightmare, knows that when one speaker goes out, they all go out. A rear speaker from the dealer will cost about 475.00 plus labor. Does anyone out there have any suggestion?
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