2006 Honda Accord Service and Repair

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Well I just finished replacing both rear hub assemblies on my 135k mile old Honda. Not really what I am used to from Honda. I remember when you couldn't tear these cars up or wear them out. I could hear a 'strange noise coming from the passenger rear and thought it was an issue with the brake calipers. After replacing them (twice ultimately) I realized the brake pads were the only thing holding the wheels on. Lots of brake dust on the wheel and then things really started sounding bad, I removed the brake assembly and noticed the wheel was still difficult to turn. I replaced the passenger side hub assembly and things got better, but still not right. Pulled the drivers side brake assembly and noticed the same thing...replaced that hub assembly and all the 'noise' ceased and the car sounds great again. Now don't get me wrong... I still like the car but it doesn't hold up like they used too.


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    I have had a few Hondas, my current 2006 EXL 4c 5MT.
    I have often thought that the wheel bearings are sensitive to impact wrenches, don't over tighten the lug nuts. Also, don't bang on the rotors if you are replacing them, it knocks out the bearings.
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