Do I need an abandoned vehicle title?

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I financed a 1997 Saturn SL2 in October 2010 in Florida. Late in 2011, I moved to Colorado. I continued making payments until May 2013, when all of a sudden, the company I financed the car from (also the dealer) suddenly disappeared. Their website (where I made payments) was down, their phone was disconnected...poof...gone. I assumed they went out of business or got purchased, and expected to receive a call or letter from another company stating that I would be making payments to them...but I never heard anything. The worst part is, I only had 5 payments left and I would have owned the car.

My question is: how can I (or CAN I) get a title for the vehicle? Do I need to apply for an abandoned vehicle title? Not sure if this qualifies as abandoned....but I made payments on the car for 2 and a half years and made every effort to contact the dealer/financer.

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    I'd call or visit the Colorado DMV office nearest you and ask. Someone there probably has seen something similar. Here's how they do it in Washington State.

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