Poor acceleration in Ford Fusion Energi with battery drained?

eric_n_dfweric_n_dfw DFWMember Posts: 6
edited August 2014 in Ford

I recently posted to the gm-volt.com forums about my experience test driving a Fusion Energy SE at a local dealer. (full post here if you care to read it) Basically, the car's battery was completely drained when I got there, to the point that the ICE had to run even when idling to get the cabin cooled off and when crawling through the parking lot. Acceleration was horrible, especially compared to my 2013 Volt, which seems to contradict what I read on all of the automotive review sites which say it should match the Volt when both the ICE and electric motor are running.

My question is if the Energi's battery can get depleted so far that the electric motors effectively provide no power?

I'm planning on asking the salesperson to charge it up (like they said they were going to do last time but didn't) and test drive it again to compare.

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