Air circulation in cab stops. 2007 Jeep Liberty.

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I have a 2007 Liberty with about 66,000 miles on it. After a trip lasting at least 30 to 45 minutes, regardless of whether the heat or the a/c is on, I lose air circulation in the cab. The blower will still blow on all four speeds and does not seem to be the problem. Air will not come out any of the ports that are set with the air flow selector. The Jeep dealer was baffled and could not find the problem after an hour of looking. They let the vehicle run for about 30 minutes but could not duplicate the issue. Has anyone ever seen this problem and know how to solve it?


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    I have a 2007 jeep liberty. Problem is air will blow cold and then it will blow just regular air for few seconds and then blow cold again. Anyone got any suggestions what could be the cause.

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