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Took delivery of a pewter C3 on Tuesday and would like to hear from owners and potential buyers to answer any questions if I can. Theres an excelent thread at PickupTruck.comForum. Why don't you Edmunds guys show much interest over here. Tried to start this thread in the past and it only got six resposes and faded from view. Come on I know alot of you truck types would find this worth talking about. Lets here your opinions on the new C3 Sierra!!!!


  • gmarkhamgmarkham Member Posts: 28
    Took delivery of a pewter C3 on Tuesday and would like to hear from owners and potential buyers to answer any questions if I can. There is an excelent thread at PickupTruck.comForum. Why don't you Edmunds guys show much interest over here. Tried to start this thread in the past and it only got six resposes and faded from view. Come on I know alot of you truck types would find this worth talking about. Lets here your opinions on the new C3 Sierra!!!!
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    gmarkham, I respect your perseverance in trying to get a C-3 subject to stay "alive" here at Edmunds but based on past experience it'll probably last about as long as a politician's campaign promise.
    Anyway, there a few C-3 owners who have been hanging out at the PICKUPTRUCK.COM site and maybe they'll drift over here to the Edmunds site. Let's hope so.
    At least you got one response to your new subject.
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    how do you like it so far.

    What really caught my eye at the chicago autoshow was the interior. The dash (carbon fiber?) is nice.

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    I've had my Onyx Black C3 (w/Neutral interior & color-keyed running boards) for a few weeks now (about 2,000 miles) and really like it alot. So far I've only added a hood deflector, ventshields, stepshields and a Line-X spray-in bedliner (all highly recommended). I will probably pick up a K&N kit for it soon and have been thinking about maybe a cat-back dual exhaust. Would be interested in what any other C3 owners have done with their trucks. Have been averaging right around 15mpg in mixed driving, so I'm pleased considering the advertised 11/14 rating.
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    Only got 300 miles on my new rig so I can't say much except I'm really enjoying it and trying real hard to take it easy tell it's broken in. The only mods I'm doing for now is changing rear tail light cluster to that clear version and remotely considering changing the front grill. Do plan on getting a Radar detector right away. Anyone know if that Hypertech changeout is legal in Calif (to pass smog)???
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    it is removable to pass smog.
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    what's a C3?
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    There is no question the C3 is an awesome truck. Why GMC chose to use only current production colors on this unique truck is beyond me. I mean the black is great, but the polo green is a slow seller (at least in Seattle) and everybody has a pewter color. Don't get me wrong, the Pewter looks nice but for this truck you would have thought they would have brought some different colors to the assembly line or at least take some from the Yukon color choices. I emailed GMC and suggested this for the 2002 model year so we will see if I get a response. Dealer 5 mins away has a black and a pewter one still wrapped in plastic. Pewter one was unlocked in their lot so I sat in it for a few. VERY IMPRESSIVE. Combine the great interior with the hot engine, heavier brakes and heavy duty transmission and I might have to sell my current 95 GMC, and the Lexus and just drive one of these!

    Another couple of observations.....I thought these came with auto climate control A/C. Didn't see that and why did they put those radio controls in the back seat in place of the A/C vents?

    Can you guys please continue to post your gas mileage as well as any other comments on these trucks. One review I read said the Stereo system is not too good so comments on that would be great. Oh ya, love the dash and the gauges look awesome. What color are they at night and do the power window and lock buttons light up? As you can see...any and all comments about this truck would be great. Now if they would just offer it in a medium red metallic or even indigo blue!

    Happy trucking and thanks for reading my long post.
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    I've been tire-kicking for a C3 for about a month now. I probably won't break down and buy one, but the article that first grabbed my interest was the Car & Driver piece about the Lingenfelter (sp?) mod. For those of you that aren't familiar with it, the mod is based upon adding a super-charger to the already stout engine (and some other things) which brings the HP up to about 470 I think and the torque to around 500 ft/lbs. The end result is a truck that does 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. Anyway, if I did buy a C3, I would have to have this modification performed although it runs another $14,500. Just wondering if anyone has had this done or is considering having this done?
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    That ligenfelter truck was in the truck trend magazine a few months back

    It was a 2500 Ext cab 4x4. He relaced parts of the engine with vette parts, added a supercharger. Cost was $40K for just the mods. The truck was $35K.

    0-60 in 4.68 seconds

    he said it could have been faster if he added better tires.
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    I've posted a couple times here, and at forum. I've got 2700 miles on my C3. Just had first oil change. I'm averaging 14 MPG. It would be higher, but I've been doing a high amount of towing (boat, motor, trailer, gas, and stuff = ~4200 pounds). Plus I have a heavy foot. It was averaging 14.7 before towing.

    Still considering some unintrusive performance mods similar to what dbs1 has done (airaid CAI, Poweraid spacer, hypertech sw), and some type of catback exhaust to give it some growl.

    I too wish there was a better color selection. I like the pewter/pewter, but would have liked a nice, rich maroony-red. Dodge makes a nice red color that would look great on the C3, IMHO. They call it Garnet Red, I think.

    I don't check here every day. I check more often, as there just seems to be more of us there.
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    In response to Kthomp100s question about the radio/CD/speaker quality. It took me a few days to figure out to play around with the Bass and Treble buttons on my C3. At first before making any adjustments to these knobs the stereo only sounded OK. When you increase Bass and Treb it sounds awsome and you can crank it if you want. Bought a Beltronics Express Cordless radar detector that fits nicely behind my rear view mirror high enough so it's not a distraction. I suggest everyone who buys a C3 purchase a Radar detector. I'm still way low on mileage (less than 500) so I'm not a candidate yet to make to many comments, except everything works perfectly on the truck including Lumbar adjustments, which some guys were complaining about. This truck turns alot of heads. Some babes wouldn't look twice at me in my 94 Rado ext cab. This is not why I bought the truck (for babes) but an interesting observation about the female spiecies. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I was going to buy a 2001 Z-71 LT until I figured out what all these truck aftermarket products would add up to to bring Silverados and Sierras upgraded with better exhausts, air filters, nerf bars, tonneau covers, premium radio etc etc etc and not to mention a 6.0 engine with a Danali interior and it was pure stupidity to buy anything other than the C3. As far as I'm concerned it's the baddest truck on the road today (stock) and I don't give a dam if any of you aint smart enough to figure this out. Granted the Ford lightning can kick C3 butt. How about all the other amenitys that the C3 has (sum of all parts) Anybody considering a new ext cab 2002 or 2001 truck ought to give this truck a hard look before you buy and consider what you will spend on aftermarket crap.
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    In my opinion, you will need to add two mods.

    1-Replace stereo system with aftermarket

    2-Add a supercharger

    Should be somewhere in the vicinity of $8k and you WILL have an awesome truck.
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    In response to ryanbab's post (#12), the modification I am referring to is obviously not the same as the one to which you are referring. This mod is definitely for the C3 and the total cost of the modification is $14,500 (see June issue of car & driver or visit the following url:)
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    Question for obyone? Will adding a supercharger allow me to remain legal(smog tests) in Calif. Would this effect my Warranty? (I tend to think it would) I have a construction backround and am not savy other than basic maintanance to understand alot of what you guys recomend. I would want to know the implications or downside of adding a supercharger (other than price) What effect does this have on the rest of the engine without making further mods (valves, exhaust, but mostly GMC denying me warranty service. I'm just paranoid some mechanics would make some recomendations that might not be in my best interest. Excuse my truck illiteracy but what exactly will a supercharger do for me? Is it a stand alone device? Don't I have to make additional mods to accomodate adding it? Thanks I'm always open to ideas. I dont plan on hauling or towing so advice me accordingly
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    First of all, I would recommend that you read the Car&Driver article I referred to and provided the link for in post #16; it will give you a good idea of "what you'll get" out of the supercharger and Lingenfelter's other modifications. In a nutshell, a supercharger forces more air into the intake which enables more fuel to be mixed in which results in more horsepower (Remember Mel Gibson's car in Mad Max? A flick of the switch that engaged his supercharger and he was out of sight). Regarding warranty, I've never bothered to ask GMC, but I'm 99.99999% sure that bolting on a supercharger much less tearing the engine apart and replacing components (ala Lingenfelter) most certainly voids the warranty. As far as emissions are concerned, I know there are no problems here in Georgia, but I don't know about California. I'd suggest that you get in contact with Lingenfelter ( and ask them.

    The bottom line is this: a supercharger bolted onto this truck will allow you to beat just about any car or truck you'll likely run into off the line. If that doesn't appeal to you, I would definitely recommend that you not consider this since your warranty and your gas mileage would both suffer.
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    I am seriously considering the Lingenfelter mods. I have spoken with them. This is what they had to say. "On the package, we change pistons, port and polish the heads, change the cam, add the supercharger and perform the computer reprogramming. For the exhaust, we change the stock manifolds to Borla stainless headers but leave the stock cat back exhaust on. We balance the rotating assembly and also put in a custom torque converter that is a few hundred RPM higher than stock. Not included in the price is a transmission rebuild (which is pretty highly recommended) that comes to $1,895. The total with transmission rebuild out the door is $16,395.
    We would need the truck for approximately 4-6 weeks and we do have a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on the engine." Looks like I am going to have to sell my '96 extended cab so I can afford this.
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    where are you going to race that truck at? Down the side street where little kids are playing? Down the highway during rush hour traffic?

    Just curious seems only place you can drive fast is on a track. How often does one go to a race track? Maybe once a wk?
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    Well now that more people are aware of this Vehicle, it appears this thread is here to stay. Lets prove the moderator wrong guys and keep posting here and at Anybody get the specs yet for the 2002 C3? Better Tran? Crew cab? Bigger gas tank? More colors? Climate control? Real wood dashboard inserts? These are some of the things I hear people want. Are you listening GMC????
  • wkandwkand Member Posts: 26
    I've lived in Atlanta for the last 13 years and I've concluded that a fast car/truck is extremely handy to have if not downright required. Outside of rush hour, traffic on the interstates around here REGULARLY moves at 75 to 90 mph; no kidding.

    At those speeds, it really helps to have something that will quickly accelerate on the entrance ramps.

    I owned a Nissan twin-turbo 300ZX for 5 years down here and I occasionally would here a similar question to yours about that car. All I can tell you is that there wasn't a single day that went by that I didn't make use of the 5.5 sec 0-60 acceleration of that car.

    So, the short answers to your questions are NO to racing down the side street where little kids are playing, and NO to down the highway DURING rush hour traffic, but most definitely YES to down the highway outside of rush hour
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    I have a c-3 and wonder if anyone knows the difficulty in changing over the A/C system to the auto climate control available on the Delani and the HD trucks? Is it as simple as the head unit and the wiring harness?
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    reprogramming as most electrical hookup require them so that the computer knows what's installed.
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    I know my 5.3 is pretty quick and can get up to 60-75 pretty fast. Have you driven a C-3 yet? Im sure you could blow most cars off the road without any mods.

    Trust me i know about traffic and going fast trying to get on the expressway i live pretty close to chicago. I understand your point there but the price tag of a supercharger. Dont think its worth it.
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    Does anybody know what kind of gas mileage you get from the Duramax6600 diesel engine with the Allison 5-speed automatic transmission?
  • gmarkhamgmarkham Member Posts: 28
    Did my first oil change on my C3 and glanced at the lube areas around wheels. Doesn't appear to be customary zirc valves for lubing. I'm used to my old truck and maybe the fitting i,m looking at is indeed a new lube port. This is something I wondering if any of you other C3 owners are aware of? Do I need to install Zirc valves or is this some new fangled one? Please help. Thanks
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    Posted this to too but...brought home black/pewter C3 today. Got it for $300 over invoice in Seattle BEFORE factory rebates this week of $1500. Truck was born April 24th and just came in and was in the back of their lot. Had not been washed which is GOOD and I told them NOT to. Brought it home and gave it its first bath the right way. Brand new wash mitt and then put on two coats of Zaino. Not a paint FLAW! My 99 Lexus (black) even had some tiny surface scratches when I brought it home new. Of course, this truck will get them eventually but at least I know that I will be the one doing it. So far so good with only 50 miles on it. Only went to look at the colors today and this dealer (Westlund GMC) in Seattle had all 3 of them. They are not sure if the C3 will be made in 2002 and if it is not, then we have a collector truck folks and should hold it's resale value very well. Anyway, hope everybody loves theirs like I am going to mine. Happy trucking!
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    Kthomp congrats on your new truck. I am Yellowfin at pickup Hope I was inspirational in guiding you to that great C3 you just bought. My C3 was also build at the end of April, but it's pewter. Hope you got lots of time for washing. That gets old fast. Enough critisism about your choice of colors. Why does this thread at Edmunds suck? The response on this topic is overwhelming at, are the guys that hang out here at Edmunds just not interested?? or what I'm not going to say there a bunch of backwater hicks but golly they seem a little slow on the uptake.
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    We are just not interested. Had the truck been introduced when I was looking for one, I may have considered it. Being that I have a truck that's one year old, makes it a moot point to consider looking at a C3. When my '00 Denali comes off lease in 2003, I may look at it or another Denali. Till then, it remains....not interesting.
  • m5stevem5steve Member Posts: 4
    Hi all,

    For those of you who stumbled upon this thread, please join us at Select FORUM and then GM Trucks. There are quite a few C3 owners who have posted there.

    '01 C3 Pewter/Pewter
    K&N FIPK and Hypertech PPIII on the way!!
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    I read in the newspaper in the "Wheels" section that as early as 2002 the C3 will be called the Sierra Denali, to keep with the GMC family thing. What's next? Sonoma Denali?
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    it's not the Regal Denali
  • gmarkhamgmarkham Member Posts: 28
    Unfortunatly Edmunds doesn't attract the same audience of devoted C3 fans as I'm at a loss as to why this is. I know there is wide spread acceptance for this truck and quite a discussion going on with over 211 hits so far. It is by far the most popular thread at and has been on the first page for close to two months now. I know there arn't just a handfull of knuckleheads here at Edmunds. Or maybe what I meant to say is there are a handfull of knuckleheads here at Edmunds who can't digest the fact that there is a truck out there that makes some of there rigs pitifull and they just don't want to acknowledge that us C3 guys arn't going away any time soon. I realize i'm going to get some comments from rednecks and other assorted detractors, that the C3 is just some overpriced yuppyfied pickup. If some of you guys who spent a fortune on all your aftermarket crap added it all up, you could now be the proud owner of a truck that comes straight from GM with all the goods for the same price. Whats up with the people hear??????
  • cth7312cth7312 Member Posts: 18
    I love the C3, If I had $34K to spend on a truck, it would def. be the one I would choose. I think that AWD drive is going to be the next big thing in the auto industry, I wish GMC offered it as an option in their lesser trucks so I could get my hands on it. Oh well, I'll just have to settle for what I can pay for.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Well maybe some of us would rather own a Denali than a C3. Ever thought of it that way. Check the Denali topic. Moves faster than's C3.

    Also, most people (with the exception of Tundra owners and now C3) purchase a truck exactly for what it is, a truck. I don't think you'd want to put your truck through what most of us do with ours. Same as my Denali. Wouldn't take it off road. Not at that price.

    Do you really think your stock C3 has a chance in a 0-60 against a 5.3 rado with performance mods? And I know my stereo setup is better than anything the General can offer even in the C3 or the Denali. So when you state all the goods for the same price....don't think so.

    For the price you paid for the C3, I would rather spend on something with more haul like a 3500HD if given the choice. I guess some of us use a truck for what it is designed for.

    As for your term knuckleheads here at Edmunds, not sure why you even bother to post knowing that no knucklehead cares about the yuppy truck that you bought. ROTFLMFAO!!!
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    Let the nonsense pass us by. We don't need to go through this in another topic.

    Please refrain from making comments about your fellow users. No matter how innocent, or non-offensive you intend them to be, they usually get translated in the worst possible way.

    And if you're on the receiving end of a comment, do your best to ignore it and don't launch a "counterstrike".

    Back to the trucks...

    PF Flyer


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  • gmarkhamgmarkham Member Posts: 28
    You addressed only two issues

    One: A modified 5.3 can smoke a stock C3

    Two: Your aftermarket Sound system outperforms a C3 or Denali.

    The list of features built into a C3 is much much longer than the two items you choose to dwell upon. Check the full specifications, from the wheels,suspension, running boards, tonneau cover, all wheel drive, Michelin touring tires, Full Denali style interior, 6.0 lt engine, on board computer, on star, colorkeyed front and rear bumpers. 6 disc CD changer

    My point was when you purchased your vehicle stock, by the time you did your mods, you have rapidly come close to the selling price of a stock C3 with all the goodies.

    I do understand your point about most guys who purchase a truck, could care less about all the crap they put on a C3. I think this applys to guys in heavy construction, farming, off roaders and Landscape Gardner types. Since I will be eventually be outfitting my C3 as a part time light work truck, I think it serves this purpose well. My 94 Silverado is still in service with 110,000 miles and I have know immediate need to sell it and I use it for the grungy jobs.

    I purchased the C3 for my off season, when I'm not working in my Attic Ventillation bussiness. I strongly believe anyone looking for a extremely comfortable truck for driving after hours, weekends, road trips etc will find this truck very fullfilling. I have owned four other GM Trucks and none have the potential of what this C3 has. Potential meaning, with a few mods myself I can blow the doors off your 5.3 mods in a zero to sixty. Granted this would raise my vehicle price which would deflate my initial argument but the additional mods are already built into the truck. Question: Have you listened to the stock Denali or C3 Audio system? I do believe a good aftermarket system can put it to shame, but it's a hell of a lot better than your stock Rado or Sierra system. Please read all the C3 specs before you trounce it and be honest about the money on mods you spent and what you have to show for it, next to a stock C3. Some of us don't haul hay and cinder block anymore and we have other trucks for that purpose.

    I guess I'm just a truck lover and don't want anything but a premium truck for afterhours.

    Sorry about the Knucklehead comments. I am not alone in my admiration for the C3 as is out in front in swaying countless people in the last two months.

    I do believe there is a certain amount of animosity amongst other pickup owners, that they just don't want to admit to.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    I own a Silverado AND a Denali. Now could you explain to me why I would want to buy a C3? I had this in my response in my last post. Please reread it, then comment on it.

    Also, for the life of me, I can't understand why this topic and the C3 is so important to you unless you sell them for a living. It's a truck. Did you test drive the Lincoln Blackwood? What about that other monstrosity from Cadillac? If what you say is true, maybe it's time to trade the C3 in for Caddy's version of a truck.
  • gmarkhamgmarkham Member Posts: 28
    For the same reason you hang out on the Silverado thread here, to get information from other owners. Are people who talk about there trucks Salesman? You said "for the life of me, I don't see why this is so important to you" Like you don't hang out here.

    I stand corrected about not reading your car bio and why owning a C3 is not for you.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    but it appears that you're beating a dead horse. And that's what for the life of me that I don't understand.

    If you've found a place where the C3 owners hangout, fine. But to pursue where there's none that care to post doesn't make much sense.
  • akjbmwakjbmw Member Posts: 231
    The braggarts come and the braggarts go. They stomp into the stream of conversation and muddy the water so that none can see anything clearly. Then they drag their carcase off to some other place to vent their dissatisfaction with their own choices or attempt to convince others that their (the braggart's) choice is the "only way".
    When the murk clears, we remain to share experiences and knowledge in an endeavor to solve unwanted "features" of our vehicles or to learn of alterations that others have made.
    I don't have to be the first one on my block to try something. When I am ready to take a step, I like to see what right or wrong choices others made so that I can make better choices. ;-)
  • txyank1txyank1 Member Posts: 1,010
    After hanging out here at the Town Hall for the last couple of months it appears to me that the majority here are not what I would consider a "Sport Truck" bunch. More 4x4's and work trucks, although most are modified in some way and are some very nice trucks. I think of a C3 as more of a Sport Truck. And other than the MPG would love to have one (or a Denali). Whereas I can't relate to many of the trucks here (I'm more of a Sport Trucker) I read for the info. And enjoy it all.
  • txyank1txyank1 Member Posts: 1,010
    For 2002 the C3 does indeed become the Sierra Denali and will offer "Quadrasteer". This 4 wheel steering system reduces the turning radius by 9.9 ft. I read this in the "GMC Directions" latest edition.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    the C3 obsolete or a collector's item? Maybe both? Course I don't think it will help resale value of the C3.
  • btate2002btate2002 Member Posts: 64
    Ya know, why wasn't it the whole "Denali" to start with. I mean, there aren't going to be any drastic changes or anything, besides the 4 wheel steering system
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Having parked these barges for over a year....any assistance like 4 wheel steering would be helpful, is a major break through for me, and would be worth further investigation.
  • mrurlmrurl Member Posts: 116
    The rear wheel track goes up by 5", requiring marker lights. It will be a lot easier to park, but I have some questions about the Quadrasteer.

  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    No confidence in first year introductories by GM? It is logical to assume that the steering would work fine...without vibrations...not sure.

    GM did their homework by converting the Denali over to the new style one year after the Yukon...simply letting the Yukon owners get the bugs out before finalizing the Denali...makes sense doesn't it?

    So I would bet that the 4 wheel steering would work out fine or they would have installed on a couple of Yukons first.
  • nowickslnowicksl Member Posts: 20
    Check out this homepage, scroll down to the bottom and watch the movie of the C3 in action.

    The 4ws will be even better next January.

  • btate2002btate2002 Member Posts: 64
    I was wrong. There are definately going to be some changes to go into the 2002 year. This is going to be one BAD truck. Well, it's oughta my league for the moment, but in a few years, I gotta get one of these things!
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