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imageCity-Sized Benz - 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Long-Term Road Test

Read's update on our long-term test car update of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250. How small is it?

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  • legacygtlegacygt Member Posts: 599

    Aha. This post is in line with what I've been waiting for. The CLA is a relatively inexpensive compact FWD car. It's a very nicely appointed one but it still has more in common with a Mazda3, Honda Civic, VW Jetta, Ford Focus, etc. than it does with a C-Class. And many of the reviews of this car have basically said this without saying it. For example, the gripes about ride quality are very similar to what we might hear about a sporty version of the Mazda or Civic. Here we see how the dimensions are very similar to the Mazda3. What I'd like to see is more of a comparison of ride and performance. We know the MB has a nicer cabin than these more common cars. But does it offer more or less driving enjoyment and comfort?

  • realityoncarsrealityoncars Member Posts: 2

    The CLA offers much more on the driving experience. Handling is awesome with this car. The CLA does need better tires that are not run flats. As soon as you change the tires the ride quality changes and it is a totally different car. I've done this after 12,000 mile on my CLA and I wish I had done it sooner. Run flats are horrible. I love this car after 12,000 miles and would buy it again. The only problem that I've had is the ride was too stiff for me but the NON Run Flats solved the problem.

  • legacygtlegacygt Member Posts: 599

    realityoncars: thanks for sharing your experience.But my questions still stand. Your three observations (awesome handling, stiff ride, could use better tires) are regularly made with regard to cars like the Mazda3 and Honde Civic Si. I wonder how these cars all stack up relative to each other.

  • tenderlointenderloin Member Posts: 5

    Comparing a CLA 250 to a Mazda 3 or similar car is well..... Even if they share similar traits, they are different animals intended for different customers. My daughters CLA is a very nice car. Rides too firm for me and way different from others MB's.. It is what it is..and as MB intended it The press has had a hard time wrapping this car around their noggins. The ride is firm (new comfort suspension on it's way..the firm sport suspension will be for sport option) and not a MB feel to it. The run flats do not help either. A change to Bridgestone Drive Guard "Run Flats" makes a huge change with tires that are speed rated for the car. They are very good tires. I have also ridden in a CLA with non run flats and the ride change over stock is amazing. Next the complaints about the rear entry. It is advertised as a 4 door coupe. Even with the smaller doors and low roof, it has much easier rear seat access than any 2 door I have tried to get into the back seat...even when I was much younger. I could go on and on..but why bother? Yes the car has some things I would change. Many people including my daughter basically like it as it is. Why the dogging of this car is beyond me. It has very good acceleration, handling and gets over 32 mpg+ doing it at speed. Give it a rest. If you don't like it, buy something else. Whatever that is..I hope you enjoy it..and I for one will not be critical of your choice.

  • tenderlointenderloin Member Posts: 5

    legacygt. Why the trolling? Subaru boards boring? Your comments can be made just about every car. Few cars are perfect. fewer yet are well received by the majority of people. If there was a near perfect car, there would be no need for so many car companies and models. If you own a Legacy GT you know there are many items that could have been done differently. Does that make it a bad car? Heck no. I would have no trouble driving one..but it would not be one of MY top choices. If it works for YOU..great..and enjoy.

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