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Intermittent flashing screens and dash. Chrysler Sebring.

ajmouse39ajmouse39 Posts: 2
edited August 2014 in Chrysler

Hi can anyone assist, I have a Chrysler Sebring hard top 2010 model. When I turn my right hand indicator on, the screen of the radio player and my dash dim and flash in time with the indicator. Any clues would be appreciated.


  • Same problem I stop using the right signal. My car only has 36,000 miles, appears to me a defective turn signal switch or the dash. The dash goes dark the radio shut off the speedometer is not working. The chimes for the turn signals do not sound. When this happens the head lights get brighter like the high beams are on. I turn the car off, turn it on all comes back like normal.
    PS the fuel, temp. and rpm stay on. Get it fix Chrysler.
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