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20,000 Miles - 2014 Acura MDX AWD Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
edited August 2014 in Acura
image20,000 Miles - 2014 Acura MDX AWD Long-Term Road Test

After only 10 months, our 2014 Acura MDX has hit 20,000 miles.

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    tirekickingtirekicking Member Posts: 30

    What about these problems:

    1. http://www.edmunds.com/acura/mdx/2014/long-term-road-test/2014-acura-mdx-awd-odd-whirring-noise.html

    2. http://www.edmunds.com/acura/mdx/2014/long-term-road-test/2014-acura-mdx-odd-but-benign-from-under-the-hood.html

    -----Many owners are at their wit's end getting the run around from Acura about this. Also please check the alignment of doors, hatch, hood because even 2015s are getting sloppy build quality. You'd think they's figure it out by now.

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    kirkhilles1kirkhilles1 Member Posts: 863

    @Tirekicking - Maybe it's just because we're used to 15 year old cars with 100k-200k+ miles on them, but we're at 23k on our 2013 Pilot (which I'd imagine shares a lot with the 2014 MDX) and there's been nothing to make us concerned. Does it make noises? Sure. Am I concerned about them? No. Not unless it sounds like the car is going to die on us or not start. Cars are very complex and have a lot of components. Since we have a 120k mile warranty, we'll just wait until there seems to be a serious problem.

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    tirekickingtirekicking Member Posts: 30

    Kirk, the 2014 MDX has a direct injection engine. This is the first time Honda has implemented the technology while others have been using it for over a decade. Many owners on MDXers.org have had problems in terms of sounds beyond the normal ticking of a direct injection engine. Acura is not owning up to the growing pains of their first direct injection application.

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