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Destination Fees?

notgonnasaynotgonnasay Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Toyota

I recently bought a Corolla on the 11th and when I was looking at the itemized bill there was an additional destination fee.

So basically on the MSRP sticker there was 810 in destination and delivery, and then on another list where they showed all the other costs like tax and such there was another 810 charge.

Is that how it usually works?


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited August 2014

    You could post a pic of your Monroney sticker here but I think it'll have MSRP at the top right, with options underneath (with MSRP pricing on those) then Destination at the bottom.

    Different sites report it differently but Edmunds.com will break it out as shown on your sticker, but we'll include destination in the "final" MSRP (you can see what I mean if you price your Corolla out here).

    You're probably okay if the list showed the "base price" you paid for the car and then the Destination.

  • ppanand78ppanand78 Member Posts: 4

    I bought a Corolla S Plus with Tinted Glass. MSRP = 21158. I got it for Drive out price 18250.00 ( Including Destination Fee, Doc Fee, Tax-7%, Title and Registration ).

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