04 Subaru Forester XT. No power. No engine codes. Overheats. 4500-RPMs = Max.

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Hello All,

My 1st post to this forum.
I did a search and this guys description at the head of this thread is remarkably similar to my mystery problem.

Here is my story.
Please Help.

-- Condition

  • 2004-Forester-XT-2.5-Manual-EJ25
  • 123,000 - Just had 120K service at Dealer
  • No Engine Codes coming up for any of the following
  • It feels like the car is starved for fuel.
  • Charlie says, "it is running lean" - PINGs at high RPMs

  • 4500 = Max RPMs

  • FWY- Sugar-House to 215-3300-S = Overheats-Red-Lines
    ** This is in 4th or 5th - Max speed = 65 MPH
    ** Pedal 1/2 down to Floor = same effect
    ** No Power
    ** It would never make it up Big/Little-Cottonwood

  • 2nd gear up a hill = no power

  • Neutral = Top RPM is 5500 then PINGs

  • Downhill on the FWY: Max RPM in 4th or 5th = 4500
    ** Pedal 1/2 down to Floor = same effect

--- Goals

  • Be able to redline the RPMs
  • Be able to drive uphill on the Interstate and not overheat
  • To have power when going up hill = go above 3500 uphill on FWY
  • To have more power than my Prius
  • To make it to a ski resort w/out overheating

--- History

  • All major Srvc before 95K done at Dealer-A

  • 70k
    Cruise Ctrl fails when going downhill

  • Never resolved
    ** Solution = Live with it, i.e. no more cruise ctrl

  • 95k

  • Independent Mech
  • Timing Belt
    ** (Put is incorrectly - discovered at 122k - Blistering - Replaced by Charlie)

  • ~100k

  • Fuel Lines replaced (gas fumes in the cabin)
  • Dealer

  • 120k - Mar-2014

  • 120k MFG-Srvc at Dealer-B
  • Radiator Replacement

  • 120k - Trbl Starts
    My wife noticed the car was having trbl accelerating
    ** (She did not inform me at the time)

  • Apr-15: trip to Southern UT
    (1st time I really road-test car)

  • Lost a lug nut while in S.UT

  • See "conditions" Above

  • 121k - May 2014

  • Dealer-B inspects (same dealer that did 120k srvc)
  • Advises a new turbo-charger
    (and possibly a new "flex-pipe" if required)
    ** Estimates of $2k - $3k

--- 121k - May-July - Independent-Subaru-Only-Mech

  • Charlie

  • 99% Turbo convinced it is not the problem
    ** Starts Tbl-shooting

  • Remv & Replc Intake manifold & intercooler & Drop-Pipe (clear from the Turbo) - No restrictions
    ** Did not make symptoms go away.

  • Turbo - Removed >> Dismantled >> Reassemble
    ** No smoke
    ** No noise
    ** Spun free & no binding restrictions
    *** Charlie says not the Turbo

  • Charlie Tried All of following: - None of the followed fixed condition:

  • Fuel filter swap:
  • Fuel pump swap:
  • Remv Exhaust & Road-tested:
  • Ckd spark plugs - in range
  • Remv & Rtrn all Belts & pulleys
  • Clean map sensor
  • Disconnected waste gate & Road-tested:
  • Remv & Rplc knock sensor

  • Timing Belt: Replaced:

  • Chk to see if incorrect timing was src of "lurching"
  • Not put in correctly by Independent-Mech at 95k
  • Guides were too close
    ** Belt was blistering & rollers sticking
    ** Engine is smoother... but does not fix 4500-RPM-Prob

  • Replace ECU

  • Minor chg in performance (ECU & New-Timing Belt)
    ** Better at low RPMs around town

  • But no fix to the core problem
    ** Will not accelerate over 4500 RPMs
    ** 1st notice Overheats if going uphill on FWY

  • Dealer-B inspects:
    ** Take all info from Charlie (above) to Dealer-B

  • Takes into acct. all of C's troublshooting

  • Concludes that it is either
    *** Do A 1st

  • A) Collapsed "Down-Pipe" ($910-P&L by MM)
    AND / OR

  • B) Rplc Turbo ($2300 P&L by MM)

  • Charlie ran it without the Down-Pipe - It is not the problem

  • C agrees that Turbo is all that is left

  • 122k: Aug-8-2014: Charlie

  • Turbo Replaced
  • Coolant Sensor Replaced
    *** !!!) Did not fix the problem

  • Pending: Thur-Aug-21

  • Charlie will:
  • Fuel-Injectors:
    ** is going to remove, inspect & maybe clean them

--- Question to the Universe

  • What is left???

  • The vehicle was a gem until the 120k service. There is no way of ever knowing if Dealer-B create the situation or not.

** But this point is now irrelevant.
** Some action should be able to fix what is wrong?
*** What is that action?
*** Or do I write it off and get a new car?

It Very hard to give up on it after all this good maintenance and inspection has taken place, and the thing only has 122k on it

At a Dead End.
Please help.


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