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Rogue Select... We need a good lowball price?

wbadwbad Posts: 20
edited August 2014 in Nissan

We narrowed down out mini SUV shopping to a Rogue Select. We are in Buffalo NY area.
We will most likely buy one of these:

AWD with convenience package- sticker with destination charge is 23,550
AWD without convenience - 22,545
FWD - 21,135.

The 6 Nissan dealers around here have a very healthy supply of the AWD without convenience package.
Nissan incentives are $1000 from manufacturer till 9/2
What would be a very good lowball price to shoot for after $1000 cash back from Nissan.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited August 2014

    I get a slightly lower MSRP for a Buffalo zip code ($23,230 - your MSRP may have a different ad fee or something). Invoice (with destination) is $22,595 for the AWD with convenience.

    And I'm just seeing a $500 incentive, so you may want to double-check that..

    TMV is coming in around $22,190. TMV is an "average" price so even though that number is close to invoice, it's not a "lowball" number.

    A competing model is the Honda CR-V and dealers are selling tons of those right now. Lots of buyers are getting $1,000 to $1,500 off invoice on them. One tactic would be to get quotes from all your local dealers and mention that you're ready to buy and you've narrowed your selection down to a Select and an LX AWD.

    Hopefully you can get a dealer to locate one for you for around $21,000, but it would help if there was one with the convenience package in inventory locally, assuming that's your first choice.

    Crank the price down ~$1,500 below invoice for your other two choices, but if you're staying in Buffalo, you'll likely make up the extra cost of an AWD model when you go to sell or trade the next time.

  • wbadwbad Posts: 20
    edited August 2014
    Thanks stever. Good point about recouping some of the extra $$$ paid for AWD when it's time to sell. That's what everyone drives here. The extra 500 incentive comes when financing through Nissan.
    Now when you say $21000 for the AWD with conv pkg , I'm assuming you mean that is before manufacture incentives? Then with 1k in incentives , $20,000 plus ttl for something on the lot is a possibility?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited August 2014

    Our TMV quoted above includes the $500 cash incentive to get to $22,190. Another $500 for financing would get TMV to $21,609 (although our fine print says the cash incentive can't be combined with the special APR). Invoice would be $21,595 with both incentives.

    So you'd have to find another $1,500 to get you to $20,000, plus taxes and fees. Or skip the
    convenience package or AWD.

    The only way to find out is to grind away. $21,000 before TTL is probably a more realistic target. The Honda buyers are getting the $1,500 below invoice with no incentives.

    Even if you are limited to the one $500 incentive, Nissan may be offering dealers other bonuses that we don't know about. You can mention that, or holdback or hammer on the fact that the Select is really "last year's model", but you'll probably do as well just going in with a bottom line number and keep walking until someone bites. There may be a little more room for the dealers to maneuver toward the end of the month too (more bonus money maybe).

  • wbadwbad Posts: 20

    Thanks Stever.. I We drove every small suv out there except for the CRV lx.. until this morning. Reason I didn't want to drive it was I figure wife and I would find nothing wrong with it other than price when compared to Rogue Select. We really didn't want to go higher than 21 before taxes on anything and I figure CRV was out of reach.

    Well we fell in love with the Honda, and the Rogue along with everything else is out of the picture now. The plan is to wait a month or so save up for a little more down payment and get a CRV. We don't want to finance more than 20K. I don't see any big incentives on CRV right now. What would a very very good but realistic price to shoot for a CRV LX AWD with no extra options here in Buffalo within 100 mile radius? Or should I post this question elsewhere since this started a Rogue discussion?

    And Im hoping my crappy 04 town and country keeps plugging away while we save up. I should be able to sell it for enough to cover tax...yipppee

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited August 2014

    Sometimes the car you like best is the last one you drive. Test driving back in the Spring, we drove the CR-V first and I wound up liking the Mazda CX-5 - go figure. We wound up buying a used van - not a T&C but a Grand Caravan. B)

    But yeah, go search out @Brian125 over in the CR-V Prices Paid discussion. He's really up on buying Hondas. The rule of thumb, at least lately, is to shoot for $1,000 to $1,500 below invoice but a lot depends on your market. And if you wait a month, maybe there'll be some deals as the inventory dwindles in preparation for the 2015s.

  • wbadwbad Posts: 20

    We keep are cars 7 to 10 years so we decided we shouldn't have any reservations starting at day 1. The Rogue was great but we were still a little hesitant. I know wife was sold on the crv because she said she would even drive a white one , which is a color she absolutely hates. I think my philosophy is rubbing off on here. For me, reliability is number 1 because I do all my own work. Follow that by interior(comfort, user friendly controls, and overall feel of driving). Last on my list what something looks like on outside.. other drivers will be looking at the outside of my car...not me. Gone are my days of caring about outside looks......that was back when I bought Z28's.

    You'll enjoy the Grand Caravan for a long time. If it weren't for all rot ours has from good ol Buffalo rock salt winters, I'd still keep our TC. But lately every month its been a $50 to $100 part along with hours of laying under the van,rust falling all over me. uggg. tired of that.

    Thanks again.. I'll be searching @Brian125 posts

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited August 2014

    I love minivans but this one is a transition vehicle while we move to NM. We usually drive them forever but we're ready to downsize to a hatch for a while so the '09 DGC is going to be a short-timer after we finish using it for a moving van, leaving this Friday in fact.

    And yeah, it has plenty of Michigan rust scars (I'm in the UP). I'll be glad to get back to the high desert where cars don't rust out in three years.

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