2011 Buick LaCrosse Starting Problems

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I have owned 2011 buick La Crosse about 2 1/2 year with just under 14000 miles a few days ago I planned a trip to the market, but when I pushed the start button the car just went crazy. Wouldn't start. Dash lights flickering. Dials wavering, odometer flashing around 60. Starter noises like a machine gun. Nothing I could do to stop all this until the battery was drained, as all the while I was contacting dealer and roadside assistance. Since it was late in the day, I had to send it on a tow truck to the dealer for service the next day. They charged the battery and concluded that my after market GPS was drawing on the battery. Solution was to only plug in while in use. I was a bit skeptical. Went to market to get prescriptions and food. No problems. On Sunday I drove about 3 miles to church and when I was ready to com home, wouldn't start. No "fireworks" this time....just wouldn't start. Hazard blinkers came on. Several men from church gathered around to see if they could help. After about 20 minutes it mysteriously started and I drove home. That evening, I drove to church again and the same thing happened again. Half dozen guys trying to help. Finally started after a time and I drove home.

That was about 6 hours ago. Couldn't sleep, so decided to see what I could find on the internet. Stumbled on this website and am appalled to see that many people have had the same or similar problems, with apparently no solutions. So far, once started it got me home. Wish I'd known about these problems before I bought the car.


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    Was this ever solved? I'm having the same issue.
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