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2007 Saturn Ion - no acceleration, and low beams and more problems.

winter6winter6 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Saturn


I have had a huge problem with my Saturn Ion 2007 and could use some help. I was away for work, and when I came back, the floor on the driver's side was full of water (2-3) inches. She had no problem starting but I could get much power when I drove. It would take 5-10 to get to 40 km/h. I took it to the dealer and after two months, he said that it was due to some wires on the floor being 50/50. So, he changed them, and it was good to go - for about 30 mins. And...I lost my low beams, the dashboard lights dim or blackout when I try to put the beams on, and my air conditioner isn't working. I brought it back, and now he's saying it's the wires in a box under my seat. He now has it and it's been weeks. He says he's just drying out each wire, to fix it. Is there anything else that can be done? Do you know if it could be something else? Should I just chuck her? The mechanic said he might be able to fix it, but I'll probably have trouble with her. Any help would be great!

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