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2011 Chevy Aveo Lower Radiator Support bent.

cpclinecpcline Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Chevrolet

Hello! A while back, I had an incident involving a large rock in the road. Because of it, I bent the lower bar of my radiator support, while bending and ruining the radiator, ac condenser and the rad. fan assembly. Since I only have liability insurance (which I am changing, lesson learned), I am stuck with the repair costs.

I can replace the parts on my own with little trouble, my question is about the rad. support. Only the lower bar is affected, and I'd rather not shell out hundreds of dollars to replace the whole support. Can anyone give me the best way to jerry rig the support back into place? Im not concerned with how it looks, Im certain that there is no other frame damage/misalignment; I only want to get the bar in a place where I can fit the parts back into place. it is bent a few inches back and slightly upward.

Any advice would be appreciated, keeping in mind that I REALLY dont want to go to a body shop. Thanks!!

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