2012 Jaguar XF Long-Term Road Test - Maintenance

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image2012 Jaguar XF Long-Term Road Test - Maintenance

We discuss maintenance of the 2012 Jaguar XF Supercharged in our long-term road test of the vehicle on Edmunds.com. Follow along here!

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  • jimsanza231978jimsanza231978 Member Posts: 1

    wow those tires wore down hard...

    our 2012 jaguar xf (v8 not sc) is up to about 13,000 miles and everything has been perfect, not a single problem or glitch almost

    i think.. maybe 3-4 times, the rear camera never turned on. we're talking less than .01% of the time cuz i park in reverse 3-4 times a day at least. but still a tiny glitch that seems to return every few months just for one time. restarting the power/ignition seems to fix it.

    also i also have heard your creaky sunroof... very rarely but if I go over my parking speed bump on the right angle i hear it too... i never hear it any other speed bumps or anything. must be a very particularly angle that doesn't really show up in normal driving or driving speeds

    worst part of car is that the doors and locks freeze super easy in winter lol don't ever try wash your car haha

    most american cars or trucks, you can wash on a hot day when it goes above 0 cuz any little water left wile easily break. i drove a ford superduty and chrysler 300 many many winters here in canada, and never ever had a problem with a frozen door or lock. they ice up for sure but a little pressure breaks the ice and it's back to normal

    but on the jag xf, the locks can become stuck in an open or closed position very easily... the locking mechanism inside is very bad in the winter... no matter what, the lock won't release and close again the door will stay permantently open or vice versa

    even if it heats up to +10 and you think it's only going to freeze to -1 or -2, don't chance it. compared to any american vehicle i've driven jaguar locks and doors are hooooorible in winter

    but it handles great... V8 RWD with Winter Mode traction turned On and all seasons....

    car still handles and climbs preeeetty damn good in snow up to about 3-4 inches deep or light ice... waaaay better than a Chrysler 300

    i was super impressed by how good the Winter Mode gets traction down to the ground

  • dwightexdwightex Member Posts: 19
    My 2012 Jag XF (not supercharged) is fantastic. Bot a CPO with 19K, now have 30K with absolutely NO problems. One time, the windshield wipers stayed on. I shut down the car and restarted and the problem fixed itself. I get about 19.5 mpg overall, but can get 25.8 on highway for a 250 mile drive to Philly.

    Tremendous handling, braking, acceleration and shifter. Very nice to look at. Mine is Cashmere with beige inside, but the floor is black, so it doesn't pick up dirt.
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