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Wish list for Next Gen Tacoma - what would you improve



  • Well, I sure hope they improve the bushings in the clutch assembly. I'm tired of hearing my clutch's squeaking bouts, even though it works just fine.


    The curved/sloping shape of the top of the doors and roof means that anytime the door or window is opened, a mini-avalance/downpour of snow/water (depending on where you live; I've seen both) falls directly into the truck's interior. It is substantially worse than other vehicles I've had.

    I'm not fond at all of some of the pinstriping, graphics, door molding, etc. some of the new Tacomas are sporting. Keep it plain.

    That's it. I'm thankful that my gripes are very minor annoyances, not major headaches. After over three years, I still love my truck and wouldn't trade it in for anything else.
  • jim4444jim4444 Posts: 124
    Please explain. (Not the drug, the differential!)
  • Like your comments sebring. I agree, Toyota should add at least one more engine option to the Tacoma 4x4. I'm not sure they need to go with a V8 but certainly a bigger V6 with a few more horses and torque. I've driven the 3.5L, 240 HP Nissan Pathfinder and man does that vehicle move!

    I'd like to see an option for either a bigger interior or longer cargo bed. Of course having all these different options means more cost in the mfg. process. But it looks like Nissan is going that route. Something Toyota is not going to do. Toyota's motto, 'Keep it simple'. I'd also like to see Independent Rear Suspension for a softer ride. Lower the ground clearance and smaller tires for us folks who aren't going to be doing any serious off-roading. Wasn't that the idea behind the double cab? A more family oriented truck?

    And maybe some day fix the location of the clock and add a locking gas cap.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    My 95 Tacoma had a locking gas cap, keyed the same as the ignition. Very nice. Seems like Toyota keeps getting rid of the simple stuff that is actually useful. I was bummed when my 97 Camry arrived with a cheap prop rod for the hood instead of the gas struts which previous models had. Nickel here, nickel there, before you know it they'll be down there with every other vehicle on the road.....
  • Overseas calls the Tacoma Hilux, they have Turbo diesel version of the Hilux, it will not sell in US, but i would buy one. I really don't think anyone else in the world use the four door Tacoma for a "family oriented truck", except US. it's used for the dirty job site. There were Four Door trucks out there way before the term "CrewCab or DoubleCab", and family was not in mind.

    The ladder chasse was the reason i purchased my truck, designed to go off road and less twist to the chasse, if i want a uni-body, i would have purchased a SUV (yuk). I Snow Ski in the winter and Jet Ski in the summer, the rear door was in ocean water last month while hauling a ski in the bed through a sand dune. I need the height. Please don't make this a puss mobile. It was already a puss when they made it 40 ft turning radius, factory changed it for people who does not know how to drive a high CG vehicle.

    The Toyota keep it simple does not applied for some Tacomas, there are too many electronic sensors that will keep the truck not starting. When i brought my truck back to the dealer, the mechanic told me if the truck will not start within two seconds, wait a couple more, the computer needs to check all sensors before it will start. i feel like driving a microsoft os based truck sometimes. The difflock and 4WD-H is also electronic, i hope it will last longer than my 100k extended warenty.

    I love my Taco TuRD 4WD DC, it will never replace my 88 Honda Civic with 264k miles it's been the same places my truck has, not as smooth but it has. But I hope Toyota will fix the bugs we all have listed. We can only sit back and see, will they listen?
  • I agree with chiweiho on his ideas of what a truck should be. The first things I would change on mine (if I thought I had a snowball's chance in hell of getting it by the marketing dept.) would be to go back to a vinyl floor liner and more durable cloth for the seat covering. If not for the husky liners that I had bought for my truck, I would have already ruined the carpeting with red Georgia clay. Electronic gadgets are nice and usually much more convenient but they always increase the possibility of something eventually going wrong. Ground clearance is another plus for me too. Everything my wife and I drive is 4WD ('01 D-cab, '92 Pathfinder, '85 Toy Pickup) but we rarely engage 4WD on any of them. The ground clearance is really missed when you don't have it though. My wife's previous car was a '96 Saturn SC1 and we had to be ever vigilant since we live out in the sticks. I know the IFS front end is here to stay and it does drive out much better than the live axle front end, but the performance of the live axle is the main reason I hate to get rid of my '85. As for the diesel, I would consider it but from what I have seen in the past, Toyota diesels run virtually forever but are a pain to have serviced because not even the dealer is familiar with them.
  • The Tundra V8 engine...

    So I could mop up Dakota V8s and the upcoming 1-6 4.2 S10/Colorado. With the 3.4 in my 99 Tacoma I already give the Dakota V8 a run for its money... But a 245 horsepower 315 ft/lbs of torque engine in the Tacoma would be just toooooooooooooo swwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeet....
  • I could be wrong but I believe a new V6 will come out with the 2003 Tacoma. Would anyone have any info on this?
  • Why would someone who design the TacomaDC cup holders with different diameters (size). Was ordering 2 Super Quencher drink from Jack in the Box, one fit in the back holder and the other did not fit in the front.

    I am still looking for the ergo designer for the TacoDC. This person need to design function before form.
  • mpazosmpazos Posts: 42
    Auto makers need to bring small displacement diesel engines to the US. Have a bigger gas engine available for the racers, but have a diesel available for the folks who use their vehicles for working. They are very dependable, last a long time, and are very economical on fuel. Diesels engines are not rocket science and the maintenance/repair can be learned by most. The main reason I drive a 3/4 ton heavy duty pickup truck is because of the diesel engine. Put a diesel in a smaller truck and I would probably downsize.
  • No numbers were given, and I cannot remember where I saw it, but I did a search on 2003 Toyota Tacoma and an automotive site said the new Tacoma would have a 3.7 liter V6 engine...

    It seems that Toyota is great at keeping secrets and out of all the car companies it reveals very little of upcoming projects until they are ready for launch..
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Toyota offers diesel engine in other markets so than is my number one desire.,1565,8^19,00.html

    Second on my list is to be able to order options separately. Right now everything is a package and the dealers say that it is too difficult to order trucks. Buy'em like they are on the lot or forget it.

    The last is to add a third and or fourth door on the extended cabs and a long bed for the extended cab and double cab.

    Oh, and I forgot I would like to see some REAL bumpers, not the wimpy ones we have now.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868,1550,12-25,00.html

    The Landcruiser 78 should be offered in the US along with the Tacoma and Tundra. The Tacoma is a tough truck but the Landcruiser 78 is tougher.

  • --you saw it on The Car Connection or Motor Trend's future car section, because I saw the same thing concerning the 3.7 liter engine. I wish Toyota would offer a diesel engine in the U.S. , but I know it wouldn't sell well.--the count
  • It would be nice to see a rear window defogger.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    this is a cool feature that once you have it, you can't live without. (at least for those of us that live in northern climes) I know you can get heated side mirrors on the S-10, and I'm not sure about the ranger. but I sure hope it's something that toyota adds in the future.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Praying for a LSD (limited slip diff)on the future Tacoma's.The supercharger and the single track rearend just don't mix!...
  • 3RZ-FE
    The 3RZ-FE 2.7 litre EFI engine is a twin cam multi-valve 4 cylinder engine that develops exceptional power (108kW/4800rpm) and class leading torque (235Nm/4000rpm) for a 4 cylinder petrol engine. The 2.7 litre engine with twin balance shafts delivers 6 cylinder power and smoothness but with 4 cylinder fuel economy and running costs.

    The 5L-E 3.0 litre EFI diesel engine offers impressive maximum power (71Kw/4000rpm) and maximum torque (200Nm/2600rpm), combining high performance with low fuel consumption.

    The 1KZ-TE 3.0 litre Turbo Diesel engine offers potent power (85kW/3600rpm) and torque (315Nm/2000rpm). It's the most powerful engine in the HiLux range, and the first electronically injected diesel engine in the one tonne 4x4 utility class.

    The engine has a lightweight, compact, water-cooled turbocharger for a balance of performance, fuel economy and durability.
  • 3RZFE:
    Torque=173ft/lbs @ 4000

    Torque=148ft/lbs @ 2600

    Torque=232ft/lbs @ 2000
  • These diesel engines would definitely have to be beefed up to compete in the North American market. A 200 horse 280 ft/lbs V6 diesel would be a nice diesel engine for the Tacoma...
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I think the 1KZ-TE diesel would be fine as-is. You realize a Dodge Ram with Cummins diesel stock is rated at 235hp and 490ft/lb? My 3/4 ton's dry weight is well over 7000#, and even when stock had very good power for general driving. Nevermind how easy it is to increase those 50%. You're not going to be towing 12,000# with a tacoma even if the engine could handle it, so the lower torque would be plenty. I think you'd be really surprised. For comparison, the Jetta TDI has 90hp and 155ft/lb and has very good power. Certainly much better than any other car that gets 50mpg.

    Who is Toyota going to compete with? No other manufacturer can bring a diesel into play nearly as fast. Maybe Isuzu/Chevy but they'd have to adapt alot more than Toyota would. Same gig VW has going for them. Want a small diesel car? You're only choice is the Jetta/Golf/Beetle and good luck buying one. I tried back in July and they were taking orders for late '02 models. Used ones were through the roof as well.

    Send over that Diesel and I'll come back to the Toyota fold!
  • I would like to see the 4x2 extra cab get a V6 option without having to purchase the S-Runner or PreRunner. Would also like a 5 speed as a choice.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Yeah imagine a 2wd reg cab w/v6 5 spd and the blower!....
  • 2WD Tacoma Regular Cab Supercharged V6!
    Bring on the Chevy Cyclone!!!

    I didn't know they stopped making 2Wd Xtracab V6s... They never sold them in Canada, but I thought they were still available in the states... I know they were...
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Well i live in southern NH and my local dealer won't even order a S-Runner...kinda dumb.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I know in 95, and maybe 96 also, you could get the reg. cab 4x4 with the V6. That was a quick truck, and of course you could put the SC on it now. I've always kept my eyes open for a used one, but nothing so far. They are out there though. 4X4 doesn't add too much to the weight. Getting traction on a launch might be a problem the 4X4 could cure. Might actually be quicker than a 2wd reg. cab, especially with a SC.
  • ponmponm Posts: 139
    I love my truck, but for the love of god, who designed the seats. I'am seriously thinking about yanking out the bucket seats and bolting down lawn chairs. Besides the bean bag seats, toyota has done and exceptional job on the tacoma.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    ....would include a cargo box that my ATV can fit into and still be able to close the tailgate like on the Dodge Dakota.

    As secondary suggestions, I would add about 1 inch to the overall cab height. I would also update the dash to include full instrumentation (oil pressure, voltage), make it more visible and ergonomically viable.

    I actually find the current version a very good truck and potent contender just as it is, but the box length takes it off my primary list.

  • Who in the world designed the interior of the 2001 Tacoma? The clock cannot be read by the driver unless the windshield wipers are on, and the ignition switch is placed so that anything hanging from the key (like the remote) bounces annoyingly against the hard plastic dashboard when driving over the smallest road bumps. My dashboard creaks and rattles like a vehicle with 100,000 miles of hard off-road driving, and it's only got 9000 highway miles on it. Be very sure that this vehicle is comfortable for you before you buy it, or you'll hate it a month after you bring it home. Just ask me. Toyota reliability counts for nothing when the Tacoma's interior rattles like a 1985 Yugo. I wish that I could afford to trade it in. This truck was a loser from mile 200.
  • Ctsteve1953,

    Has your dealer been unsuccessful (or uncooperative) in trying to resolve the problems with your dashboard creaking?
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