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  • allannejjallannejj Member Posts: 1
    I have just over 28,000 on my 2017 BMW X3 with run flat tires. BMW service indicated I need new tires and quoted me a $1700 to replace all four. They said I was fortunate to get 28,00 because they usually wear out sooner. So I get to spend $1700 on a new set of tires and my lease ends in three months. Bottom line is if you lease a BMW you should be prepared to add the cost of new tires into the overall cost of the lease.
  • Healey1960Healey1960 Member Posts: 1
    We have 3 BMW’s all came with run flats. X5 2015, 535 I 2016, 430 I 2019. Cars have 40k, 23k and 3k respectively. The X5 has had the rear tires moved to the front and a new set on back at 22k miles , now moving the current tires up and new ones on the back at the 40k mark. 535 I x drive had 2 tires replaced after hitting a pot hole. The XC 5 and 535 have all season Goodyear’s and the 430 has Goodyear low profile on sport wheels. These tires do little for the “Ultimate Driving Machine “. Hard riding, expensive, and reduced handling . Had to replace the damaged 535 tires , 2 at a time. Large bubble in side wall. Thought about regular tire plus liquid sealant and an electric pump. Sealant kills the tire monitor. It is a good point about finding a replacement in an emergency. Many tire shops do not stock them. BMW charges around 750 for an optional spare, if you have an X5 with 3 seats there Is no room for a donut. Bottom line is run flats are not worth it.I don’t think BMW race cars have run flats. The mileage is terrible. I don’t care for them
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