Safety recall of early-2015 Honda Fit's announced 08-21-2014.

leohentonleohenton Member Posts: 2

The following hyperlink is to a August 21, 2014 Edmunds dot com news-article about the announcement of a Safety Recall of early-2015 Honda Fits that were sold in June 2014 etc.:

I'm re-posting it herein for visibility to current and potential owners so they can be considered respectfully.

I for one was wondering what the holdup on the initial release date of April 14, 2014 was that slid to mid-June 2014.

Just wondering what corporate Honda knew and when they knew it. If they have known about this for some time... I'm disappointed. How could they not discover this in their own tests ?

There certainly were a lot of rumors about "something" on the internet in May 2014.


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