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Stalling after idling for a while - '01 Civic

alibeasleyalibeasley Member Posts: 7
edited August 2014 in Honda

I bought the '01 Civic earlier this month. It has a VTEC engine. I immediately had to replace the coils because it was idling so rough. Well the idling is back again and yesterday it felt like the engine was going to pop out of the car. It stalled on me yesterday while idling (after about an 30 min of driving). And it stalled again while idling (after an hour of being on). After stalling, it feels sluggish while trying to accelerate. But any other time it's driven, it runs near perfect. The engine light was on for a while and now it comes off and on. I drove up to Autozone but the engine light didn't come I can't get any codes. Any ideas?

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