When is it time to say....."That's it, I've had it!" - Mazda pickup

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Ok so I got a 2001 B2500 4 x 4 pickup with 250K on the dash. Last year I had to replace the synchromesh, 1st and 2nd gears. Replaced gear box, transfer case and diff oils. Used the synthetic oils.

This year about a 1month ago I got the alt over charging and blowing the OCR. One week ago I replaced a cracked head, head gasket c/w seals.

Still have to replace hoses in the cooling system because some are sweating, replaced one which was leaking.

Now just today, 4th gear is not engaging and when I do manage to get in engaged it gives me a fight to disengage.

Oh and did I mention that during the changing of gears I get a jerk at the back of the pickup. I believe that I may have to replace the crown in the diff.

The thing is since I 've had my Betsy for the last three years, I've been servicing her every two months like clockwork....air/oil/fuel filters, oil (synthetic oils I use) and minor mechanical adjustments. I mean she answers the call when I need her to take me around. She even puts some of those 2012/13 BTs to shame on the ashpalt even moreso when I put in diesel additives.

But given what I've spent on her so far....it's like a downpayment on a latest model. The problem is these new overpriced models that they are selling nowadays are for picnic enthusiasts....not for guys like me...if I can tie bails of electrical conduit in the tray...then it aint a pickup.

So can anyone tell me....do I squeeze another 50K out of her or should I trade up (more like sell out).


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    If you have to ask on a car forum, it's done. :D

    I recently kept a van about six months too long just trying to hit 200,000 miles. Good runner but it was costing me money every month and starting to break down too often. Dump and run would be my advice.

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