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Would appreciate some advice on replacement tires for my 2011 MDX. I currently have the original Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires. They were great for the first 10K miles. Then they started to make noise, especially above 40 mph. As time went on they got louder and louder. Now at 48K miles they're excruciating. I'm looking to replace them and all the sites seem to recommend the Latitudes again, and I've only seen one or two posts describing the same experience I had. So I'm torn between replacing them with Latitudes again and taking a chance that I get better tires, or replacing with Pilot or Primacy MXM4s. Would appreciate hearing any experience with MXM4s on an MDX or other SUV.


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    We have had very good luck with Goodyear Comfort Assurance on our 04 MDX. Have had 2 sets. Though we've never gotten the rated mileage, Goodyear always makes good on the wear out warranty and we usually get a fair percentage off the replacement set. Have you contacted Michelin? What do they say?

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    Thanks for the suggestion Hugo. Probably should have contacted Michelin but I did have the dealer take it for a test drive. They said it was the tires, not something else like bearings or universal joints. It's my wife's car so I don't have to listen to it every day, and have now procrastinated enough that the tires are at end of life. Appreciate your suggestions on the Goodyear tires.

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    BTW I was not at all happy with the Goodyear Assurance Tripletred. Expensive and noisy, no better in snow than the Comforts. Very happy with the Comforts on my Lexus Rx300 as well.

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    I've had Comfortreds on two different vehicles. By and large I liked them. Smooth riding, quiet and decent traction. The only drawback on both of them for me at least is they seemed a bit prone to cupping as well as flat spots if parked for longer periods of time. The latter cleared up after a few minutes of driving though. I'd consider them again if the price was right. Learned long ago not to skimp on tires.

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    Sams Club has Michelin X Radial LT2, which has worked well for me.
    I think this is a club variant of the Michelin LTX M/S 2 tire that is sold at retail tire stores.

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    Thanks Guys. Binu, unfortunately I don't think they make LTX in the size for the MDX (255/55-18).

    I did write to Michelin a few days ago but have not yet heard back from them. Will let you all know if they have any advice.

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