NEW - Toyota Avalon vs. Toyota Highlander vs. Acura MDX for a big guy

hugeeugehugeeuge Member Posts: 1
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I've been car shopping for what seems like forever. I have come down to:

  • 2014 Avalon (Limited)
  • 2015 Highlander (XLE)
  • 2015 MDX (AWD w/Tech)

I'm a fat guy and space is a big issue for me. All 3 of these vehicles are a little tight but acceptable for me. I would like an AWD vehicle, but really not for any particular reason so I don't really need it here in Kentucky.

I am driving a 2000 Avalon that was great. Liked the MDX but some of the things I hear about it have me a little perplexed. Highlander seems like a compromise but I'm not crazy about the rear bench seats.

Anyone have any thoughts about these vehicles?


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