Not sure of bent unibody construction - Honda Civic

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I got into an accident a few weeks after spending thousands on my car at the dealership to fix a blown head gasket, whole timing belt and a few other major jobs.

The insurance said my car is a total loss. I will like to keep it and fix it because I just spent a
lot of money on it and know that the engine and all major works has been done. I am trying to save and do not want to get a new auto loan. Please take a look at the pictures

from the pictures do you think my unibody construction is likely affected? How much will cost on average to fix it? and considering all the work that has been done on it, will you recommend fixing it if it has a bent unibody? Fyi, the car is not drivable because the axle on the side of accident is broken but starts and there is no leakage.
Thank you

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