Acura RDX Vibration Issue - resolved on 2015 model?

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Has Acura released a fix for the vibration issue on teh 2014 RDX? Or have they corrected on teh 2015 model?


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    Yes, please, if anyone has this info, please share. I am about to take the plunge and buy one, but this would really, really make me mad. Does anyone know what percentage of these cars that actually have this problem?
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    If I were you and I were really set on buying an acura RDX I would stay away until the refresh (2016 model) and then I would wait a few months until the new owners report back on the vibration issues.

    I am very skeptic with these generalized flaws in Honda/Acura VCM engines to the point that I am not sure that they will be able to get rid completely of the vibration issues in the models with VCM.
  • nissinfinmannissinfinman Member Posts: 9
    I am also thinking about buying one. I would really appreciate any specific real world info anyone could provide as to if the vibration issue has been cleared up in the 2015 model? I would think that there are some 2015 models out on the road with sufficient mileage that owners could comment on. Honda has used VCM since the 2005 Odyssey and although I have not researched this issue on other models, I find it hard to believe that they would be using VCM for 10 years with this issue. IMHO, I would think that it is the specific incorporation of VCM in the new for 2013 RDX that was an issue. Thanks in advance for any useful insight!
  • tfm70tfm70 Member Posts: 20
    All of you folks that are buying the RDX, are you having any issues with the VCM?
  • vtgrnvtgrn Member Posts: 4
    I bought a 2015 RDX AWD base in Oct. 2014. I have 5,000 plus miles on the vehicle now and have never noticed an issue with VCM. I would highly recommend the vehicle! Gets great gas mileage for an SUV.
  • coolbobcoolbob Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2015 RDX AWD w/technology pkg on 1-2-15. I have about 1200 miles on it. I have no problem with the VCM and I'm amazed that I can't tell when it switches from 3, 4, or 6 cylinders. I'm going to schedule service on it Monday though, the clunking sound from the right rear when hitting a decent sized bump with right tires at 40mph makes me mad. I emptied everything out of the back, the spare tire, jack, wrenches, foam molded pieces that hold the jack wrenches, lid, everything. I was going to sound insulate everything with quarter inch thick, adhesive backed, flexible, black armaflex foam, then put it all back together. I thought I better take it for a ride once I had the back stripped, because that would eliminate the clunking sound coming from any of those items, before I re-insulate it. Sure enough, that damn clunking noise is still there when the right side hits a good bump. I think it is coming from where the right rear shock or spring is seated to the body. I'm taking it into service department with the back all stripped out so they can know it's not any of those things clunking around over bumps. Maybe they can fix it correctly the first time??? Sounds like I'm not the only one with this problem in the 2015 or 2014 RDX.
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    Currently have 4,500 miles on our new 2015 RDX and the clunking sound described has occurred since 2,500 miles. Other pesky issues creep up weekly with vehicle. When we purchased we thought while not as much a luxury SUV as others, Honda/Acura always builds a reliable vehicle. Taking back to dealer to have issues fixed or will trade for a used BMW X3 or Cadillac SRX. Cannot recommend the RDX, there are much better options out there. Sad that Acura has fallen to such a low quality level that we are considering a GM product.
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    I have a 2016 RDX and having same VCM problems as previous models. And btw I just read the 2017 CR auto issue, can you believe the Kia Sorrento is rated 10 points higher than the RDX and MDX.
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    A review of the 2016 RDX by Motorweek pointed out that the VCM issues seem to be resolved. Maybe this is not the case for all owners. There are devices, like the Muzzler that disable VCM. It is basically built around a cable that you connect, so it can be easily removed if you need to go to a dealer for service.
    Most say it does the job fine, and furthermore at a very small sacrifice to mileage. In fact it is said by quite a few that cutting off VCM also reduces oil consumption as well as improve driveability.
    This VCM idea is not new, especially for other old timers who can remember the Cadillacs back in the 70s and 80s that had a similar device. The system used by GM at the time created a lot of serious engine problems for many owners.
    While I generally appreciate many CR reviews, they seem to go a bit off base now and then especially with cars. The Korean based cars are much better than earlier years, and a few give the competition some real challenges. I don't see a KIA invading the space now occupied by Acura and Lexus, at least not anytime soon. Not to say, KIA is a bad choice. You could find a much worse vehicle to spend your hard earn money on, IMO. And while I think Hyundai and Kia still offer a 100,000 mile warranty, it is my understanding that it can not be transferred to a future owner, hurting resale value even more.
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