Transmission Issues - VW Beetle

crashthomascrashthomas Member Posts: 1
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So I am not the only person to have this issue and it seems like the only fix is replace the transmission and the valve body. My VW service manager tells me it is $7,000K for a rebuilt trans + $1,300 labor plus replacing the valve body for $2,000 a total of $10,300. My Beetle is old, 2003 but only has 66K miles.

Shouldn't a transmission last longer than a timing belt?


  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,341

    Oh, MAN! 10,300??!!

    I would get another opinion from a trusted independent.

    That's more then enough to effectively total that VW even with those low miles.

    Another suggestion would be to maybe find a used one from a Wrecking Yard that will give you a short warrantee.

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