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Multifunctional Visor - 2014 Nissan Rogue SL AWD Long-Term Road Test Posts: 10,059
edited August 2014 in Nissan
imageMultifunctional Visor - 2014 Nissan Rogue SL AWD Long-Term Road Test

The driver's visor in our 2014 Nissan Rogue features a handy clip that's perfect for holding parking stubs and access cards.

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  • How often do you use the sun visor? I have had to replace the visor for the third time already, 6100 miles. When deployed against the front window it becomes 'floppy' over time, and sags downwards.

  • I leave mine down almost all the time on all vehicles. Have noticed that the visor on my less than one week old Rogue doesn't really hold position well when it is down.

  • Same issue here, the visor sags downwards blocking the view of the road. Started to be like this the first time i used it. Thought is was normal.

  • Not sure, but may relate to fact that the visor can slide along the holder when you place it over side windows. Would have been much more practical and durable for Nissan to do as others and attach a small piece of plastic to visor to slide out when necessary.
  • This is number one on my complaint list when I see the dealer for first service. Two weeks old and will not hold any position other than up against the roof or hanging straight down. Will notify him that I expect it to be fixed or replaced.
    Seems to me that there should be TSB on this and fix or replacement developed by Nissan.
  • Contacted Nissan customer assistance. They have heard of the problem, but no TSB's or planned fixes by Nissan.
    I plan to send a real letter to head of Nissan North America and file a complaint with NHTSA as i consider it a safety issue.
    You get it to stay in place against the windshield and driving along and all of a sudden it drops down blocking 50% or more of your view of the road ahead.
    Should be a simple fix. Of course, Toyota and GM waited too long on their fixes.
  • Per Nissan instructions took Rogue to dealership. They tried a new visor and it functioned exactly the same way. They are going to contact Nissan for further information. IMO, it is a poorly designed product, but Nissan does not want to admit that and develop a replacement.
  • Update: Have appoinment for regional technical specialist to inspect visors on Dec. 2 at the dealership. A friend has 2014 and had same EXACT problem; took it to same dealer; replaced visor last week. I called service manager and he said they fixed visor for another problem. Called friend - Nope, fixed for same problem I complained to dealer about.
    Dec. 2 meeting should be interesting.
  • Met with Regional Technical Specialist-took 10 seconds for him to agree both sun visors needed to be replaced. Parts now on order.
  • Went to dealership today. Two new visors installed in less than 30 mins. Work perfectly. Makes me happy, but why did I have to write to Nissan CEO to get it fixed?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Sixth (?) try is the charm eh?

    Glad to hear you got 'em fixed.
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