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2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid Acceleration/Engine/Transmission issues

wunjo1wunjo1 Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Subaru

At the beginning of this year I purchased the 2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid. I have been trying to love it for 7 months now, and am failing. The way the hybrid engine functions creates a very jolting, inconsistent, and frustrating driving experience:

The acceleration is poor and inconsistent ... it never seems to know what gear it should be in. So much so that there have been times I have felt unsafe moving into traffic (and I am not one to push a car or "jump out" into traffic; friends who have driven it also have the same experience).

The start/stop of the engine when it goes to/from electric creates a resounding shudder that shakes the entire car every time it happens (and it happens ALOT).
The engine is like a PC instead of a MAC ... it's always doing something and you never know what it's up to.

When you use the defrost or the A/C it makes all these matters that much worse.

I'm very disappointed that Subaru would put a car that functions like this on the market. I'm a long time fan of Subaru's (I still drive my 1992 Legacy wagon manual transmission, which, quite honestly, drives a whole lot better than this new hybrid). And I counted on Subaru when, after 22 years, I went looking for a new car. This is not a vehicle that Subaru should have on the road. I get so many people asking me about it because I got it in the Plasma green and it is beautiful. And I give them the honest truth about it's performance; I have NOT sold at least 5 cars for Subaru.

If anyone at Subaru reads this, please ... fix this car. I looked at so many cars from so many other makers, and this was the only one I truly wanted. It seemed to have everything and I trusted that Subaru's engine would be fabulous as always. Please fix it. Make it run smoothly, accelerate well in a trustworthy manner, not have such a jolting engine experience. You've got it on all other counts with this car ... just not the engine, and all the other factors do not make up for poor engine performance.

P.S. I am probably going to trade it in as soon as possible, much to my disappointment.


  • pgr1pgr1 Posts: 6
    Can anyone comment on whether the 2015s have addressed this issue?
  • I could have written this review about my 2014 Crosstrek Hybrid Touring. I've experienced everything you have listed. This is my fifth Subaru and probably my last Subaru. I just tried to trade it in on a 2015 Crosstrek Limited and the dealer offered me $19K - a loss of over $9000.00 in six months. Subaru knows the stop/start system and the CVT are junk.
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