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2003 Toyota Camry w/ 29k miles - should I buy it?

johntuttyjohntutty Posts: 0
edited August 2014 in Toyota


I've been offered a 2003 Toyota Camry LE with 29k miles and only one owner. I'll be going to look at the car tomorrow, and the dealer will be sending me the Carfax report.

The price would be $8,990, which is about $1k under the KBB value. Since I would like to spend under $11,000 on a car, this fits my price range and seems to be a great deal.

But, considering the car is 11 years old, should I ask the dealer whether any repairs, in particular, have been done on the car? Should a new timing belt and an air conditioning recharge have been done by now?

Thanks for any advice!



  • proposed price is a total ripoff. correct price would be half that $8990. technically it probably does need a timing belt due to years, so good question on that one. A/C pressures can certainly be measured fairly easily to see if in-spec, via "free A/C diagnostic" offered at most shops. the vehicle will need new shocks/struts unless they were swapped recently.
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