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1998 ZR2 S-10 off-road

hubcaphubcap Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I'm looking at the new 1998 Chevy S-10 ZR2
off-road package trucks. Does anybody have one and
if so what is the going price for these trucks. I
have found that the sticker price is high and was
wondering how the dealers are at dealing for this


  • J24J24 Posts: 17
    I'm currently in the process of ordering one of these trucks. I'm getting it at invoice price and also getting $2K above my owed balance on my trade in. I was intiatially going to get the Dodge Dakota, but they do not offer to much in incentives. I'm also not very impress with all the transmission problems I have heard about. Heck the worse thing I heard about on the chevy's is a rattling 3rd door. It might drive me insane, but it will not cost me a boat load of money down the road to fix it. If you want to find out more go to this site:
    Awesome site with lots of info on the ZR2! Good luck.
  • J24,

    Well, I decided on the Dodge Dakota instead because of the V-8 and the towing capacity. I was looking at both the Dakota and the ZR2. I talk to a few chevy dealers and they wouldn't even take to me about the ZR2, they told me to spend more money and get the full size which is great but I was stretching my money with the ZR2 and I wanted the smaller truck. Any way I started looking at the Dakota 4x4 and found a Dodge Dealer that would sell me a 1998 Dakota 4x4 with the V-8 fully loaded for $500 above invoice. That was his first offer after I told him how much I wanted to spend. I looked around and found everybody wanted less of a truck for over MSRP. I went back to the first Dealer and signed the papers. That was in September and I have had no problems Yet, Since I have put almost 4000 miles on it.
  • I have a 1998 ZR2 with 14,000 miles on the clock. The only problem I have had is the turning radius which is huge. On back roads a turn-around is often impossible and parking is a back and fill proposition. But I have really enjoyed the truck otherwise. I paid invoice for the truck and got blue book for my old '84. GM threw in a$1500 rebate. The I used the credit on my GM card. I had no problem getting the dealer to "deal."
  • J24J24 Posts: 17

    I too had no problems getting a dealer to give me a good price. I just bought a '99 ZR2 Extended cab.(loaded with all options avaible) I ordered the truck at invoice off the dealer. Selling price at invoice was $23,252. I also got another $400 off for being a recent college grad and was offered $2800 above my balance on my trade in of a '95 Extend cab S-10(4wd) with 61K on it. The dealer offered me $11500 for my trade in and I only bought it for 13900 two years ago!!!:) I put down $4000 and my payments came out to $379 a month. I just picked up the truck this past Friday and I must say I'm very happy with it. No rattling from the 3rd door(as I heard people complain about) and plenty of power in the V6-190 ponies.

    However I do agree with you about the turning radius and just believe you got to suck it up with those 31s on the truck. I problaby would have bought a dodge dakota if the dealers offered some back, invoice price on trade in, low apr for the '99s, but no such luck. Chevy offered a 4.9% which I could not pass up. I feel the ZR2 is a better built truck than the dodge dakota per the specs, but people base their decisions on past experiences and financial stability.

    BTW: My brother bought a '97 dodge dakota new and I must admit it has much more power with the V-8 -225 ponies, but at the expense of the gas tank. However he is very happy with it, which is what is important. If anybody is interested I can provide the name of the person at the dealership that got me the truck at invoice. The dealership is located in Wyalusing PA. Good luck and happy trucking.

  • Hey, S-10 4x4 owners:

    What kind of transfer case does it have? Part time? Full time?

    How does it handle in snow?

    Does it "hop" when turning corners on dry pavement in 4WD?

    All other feedback is welcome, too.
  • I just read that the big Chevy trucks have Part Time 4WD, so I imagine the S-10 does too. I have also read that Part Time is inferior to Full Time. Any comments on that?
  • J24J24 Posts: 17
    The S-10 is only part-time 4wd with a push on the fly button. However the full size silverado has what's called insta-trac...when it senses slipage on the rear wheels it will automatically engage the 4wd. This is part of the new "smarter" build to the new silverado. I would not say that this option makes the new silverado or any vehicle that uses a similar full time 4wd system any more ferior than part time systems. In-fact I would think it would cause more wear and tear on the drive train if it decides to engage and dis-engage the 4wd at will as oppose to you being able to make the decision.

    I just bought my new ZR2 so I can not really comment on the how it performs in the snow. But I did have a '95 S-10 that performed flawlessly off road and in the snow...even pulled a Jeep out of the mud once. It too utilized the push on the fly 4wd system...part time transfer case. As for wheel hop around corners with 4wd engaged. To my knowledge and the manual to my truck the 4wd should never be engaged on a dry pavement surface. It will cause the differentials inside the rear to bind with the transfer case and therefore would cause possible damage to your drive train. This would also explain the wheel hop you may have experinced not to mention a feeling that someone is putting on the brakes when trying to turn on dry pavement. Hope this helps...

  • J24J24 Posts: 17

    I need to know if there is anyone or any place out there that I can go to for mud flaps on my '99 ZR2. From what I can see from the sets sold in department stores and auto places they will not work with the wheel flares. I really like to get some input from some ZR2 owners on this since they would know best, but any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • I went to a dealership this weekend and made a puzzling discovery. They had a ZR2 with option 1SC that included the Locking Differential and Power Convenience Group. Why does Edmund's list them as separate options if they are included in 1SC? The truck also had a tachometer. Edmund's lists the tachometer as a $59 option, but it was not even mentioned on the sticker. The truck also did NOT have the bright aluminum wheels (PA3); it had the cast-aluminum wheels (N90). Is this dealer trying to disguise an LS as a ZR2? I also hated the ZR2 stickers that the dealer applied. They were nothing like the cool stickers that are shown on page 2 of the brochure. Is it true that the trucks don't come from the manufacturer with the stickers already on them? My last question is about towing. There is info in the brochure about towing capabilities, but no mention of a towing package option. Is this something you have to get after-market?

    If I buy one of these trucks, it will be a fully loaded extended cab ZR2. J24, are you still happy with yours? How 'bout the rest of you?
  • J24J24 Posts: 17

    I'm very happy with my truck. I love the ZR2 and believe it to be the best built compack truck out there if you compare the specs. I myself ordered my '99 ZR2 extended cab fully loaded and yes there are descrepencies between what Edmunds list and what is included in the 1SC package. I do not believe this to be an issue because if you total up what Edmunds list separatly and what is included by the manufactue in the 1SC package you will find they are extremely close in price. The important key here is not to pay more than invoice for any vehicle. Fortunely mine did not come with any ZR2 stickers as I also prefer to order them off the net and other ZR2 owners who sell them. I do believe the stickers are not part of the package, but this may have change since my order was placed. If it was my guess the dealer probably put them on themselves.

    The PA3 bright aluminum mags are standard on the ZR2 package so if the one on the lot has the N90 ones(5 spokes) then the dealer just ordered it with them. Personally I got the N90 mags because I like them better, not to mention there are easier to clean and I did not like the accent gray on the PA3 mags.

    As for the towing specs...the truck can tow 5500lbs but you must minus 500lbs for extended cabs, therefore leaving you with a tow compacity of 5000lbs. The tow package is not standard on the truck and either must be put on by a dealer prior to deliver or done with an after market kit. To my knowledge, I do not think tow packages are standard on any pickup, just like pendaliners, nerf bars, bug deflectors, wind visors and any other add-ons are not included.

    On a finally note, if you plan on ordering a new truck then you will be the deciding factor on what is order and therefore what is on a lot is just an example of what can be ordered. I also doubt the dealer is trying to disguise an LS as a ZR2 as there are very distinctive differences that can be noticed...3" higher ride, 4" wider traction, wheel flares, blisten shocks, 190Hp engine vs 180hp engine. Hope this helps....Good luck.

  • gardoggardog Posts: 2
  • J24J24 Posts: 17

    Try remember seeing someone on the bullentin post selling the stickers. Let me know how you make out.

  • website down for now but will try later
  • is back online. It is a GREAT resource for existing and prospective ZR2 owners!!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I am not much of an S-10 fan, but a friend at work just bought this package. Nice, very nice and capable off road vehicle. Toyota TRD eats dust, too bad you don't see to many of these around.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Try your G.M. Goodwrench parts counter for the best fitting, highest quality mud flaps. They cost a little more, but when you see how well they fit and how easy they install, you'll be glad you did!
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