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Toyota Highlander Maintenance and Repair



  • johnc20johnc20 Posts: 4
    I have a 2002 Highlander with Homelink. My driver visor is not staying up. Any suggestions? I started to take the visor off but then I saw the wires for the homelink and I stopped taking it apart. I would think I would just need to tighten something. Any suggestions for the mechanically challenged?
  • spencer327spencer327 Posts: 106
    I have a 04 HL with the NAV. I didnt really want it but had a car coming off lease and it was the only available HL. I love it, I am hooked and will have it on my next vehicle.Its at its most useful, in finding places on local streets, punch in phone #s
    addresses etc. Great in a strange town. It has taken me off expwys and brought me right to hotel parking lots. Dont buy it for expwy travel, limited value, til your stuck in traffic and looking for alternate routes.Garmin makes some very nice portable units, the biggest factor with these is how much detail available, how large an area is covered, and must you constantly update your area.Also sceen size is limited.I recommend factory install, but dont think you can do it after market.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Hey rugby65, you gotta get out more. :-) I have had several cars with the "paper" washers. I changed my oil in a '90 Celica for 10 years and bought the washers from Toyota. They are not really paper but a hard compressed cardboard. IMO, they seat better than the metal ones but should be changed each time. The cost is negligible. My current Jaguar also has the cardboard washer. I might have to try the K&N filter that has the socket fitting. I currently have a K&N air filter in my '04 Highlander.
  • highlhighl Posts: 28
    Thanks for thoughtful insights. Though, I do travelling mostly on expy but I do want to add some flexibility to my travel plans. I tried working with AAA maps, found it difficult to work with especially in nights and off-city driving. I will search for Garmin brand. I guess I've seen it in COSTCO.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    I just came back from the Toyota dealer, where I bought an oil filter and washer. The washer is made of aluminum. Did they give me the right one? Mine's a '02 2.4L.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I'm sure you got the right one. I have had Toyota dealers that tape the metal washer to each box with a filter in it so you buy it automatically which is good. Other times, I have purchased a small bag and they were the cardboard ones. Since I live in the Midwest part of the year and California or Arizona the rest, I probably see more variety.
  • rugby65rugby65 Posts: 81
    :P "oil drain plug: The large bolt or plug that secures the drain hole in the oil pan. It is fitted with a gasket or o-ring to prevent leakage. Often the drain plug is magnetized so that any stray particles of iron will stick to it rather than lodge in some vital orifice. Also called "sump drain plug"
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    > I'm just curious, why do you feel you really need this? IMHO, a NAV system isn't worth it.

    I would have thought the same until I happened to get one in a 04 HL we bought used. Now I feel almost naked without it. No more investigating/printing out routes on the Internet. No more asking my (AAA member) mother to get me maps before I go on a road trip. It's been great. Even locally I use it to determine the best route to go somewhere or to navigate around construction or other obstacles.
  • spencer327spencer327 Posts: 106
    Check out the Garmin 2610 great features,$600 to $700 price
    Stacks up against OEMs, really full featured, The only draw back is screen size.
    Garmin makes slightly larger sreens C320 but compromises on features..
  • spencer327spencer327 Posts: 106
    Try it, you'll like it.
  • eddieeeddiee Posts: 25
    I'm not sure if there is a trick to fix this but this happened to my 2002 as well so is probably a design flaw.

    They fixed it under the 3/36K warranty so I would go that route if it is still under warranty.

    The cost of the part (I guess the whole visor assembly) was $495.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    may have an embedded fungicide to reduce the incidence of mould and mildew formation within the damp, dark, and dank A/C evaporator and its plenum area.

    Washing it to have multiple uses may defeat the functionality and you might end up with an old dirty used gym socks odor emiiting from your A/C ducts.
  • t4tuckt4tuck Posts: 1
    i am unable to locate my pcv valve on a 6 cyl. highlander.can anyone please help?
  • jrfierojrfiero Posts: 123
    "may have an embedded fungicide to reduce the incidence of mould and mildew formation within the damp, dark, and dank A/C evaporator and its plenum area.

    Washing it to have multiple uses may defeat the functionality and you might end up with an old dirty used gym socks odor emiiting from your A/C ducts."

    On the other hand, the 2001s didn't even come with the cabin filter :( , so just cleaning the filter on the newer ones is better than nothing! And, I personally doubt there's any mildewcide in the filter. Fyi, you can put the filter in a 2001, the place for it is there, they just didn't come with them.
  • ohmygoshohmygosh Posts: 66
    I have an '04 Highlander with moon roof. I start hearing noises when closing it recently and should have taken it to the dealer. Well, it got stuck in the open position. Now I had to take it to the dealer and they had to replace the motor. Anyone have a similar problem ? I love this car and this is the first time I had to take it to the dealer for a mal function.
  • I have recently purchased a 2005 Highlander Limited with the 3in1 Audio System with the 6 Disk Changer. I have yet to figure out or find in the Owner's manual how to change between loaded CD's. The manual tells you just about everything else except how to choose a preloaded CD from another. Common sense tells me that one should be able to choose between CD's just like one can with radio stations. Can someone please help me with this issue or tell me if it is even possible to do? Thank you. :D
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    When you're listening to the CD's, the preset buttons on the radio, numbered 1-6 corespond to the disc number. So to listen to disc 1, press the #1 on the radio, etc.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the quick reply Ken. I could have sworn that I had already tried that but I will be patient and try it again. Thanks again. Mike.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    Ken is right, of course, but here is more info!

    When a CD is playing.... above the 3 and 4 buttons, there is the word DISC with an up arrow and down arrow to the sides... to skip to the next disc or previous disc, press either the 4 or 3 button.

    There are a few more interesting things you can do with this radio/CD player:

    to load all 6 disc at the same time (well, really 1 after another!).. hold the load button until it beeps.

    The same thing can be done to eject them all 1 after another.

    you can play random tracks from all the cds that are loaded by pressing the random button until it beeps.

  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Great post. That's all info that I actually didn't know myself. Always learn something new though. Thank you!

  • ttruongttruong Posts: 1
    My is 2001 Highlander. All I do is just press and hold the mode selector( the button that you use to switch the display to MPH, MPG, ET...) for 3 or 5 seconds.
  • hilandr05hilandr05 Posts: 18
    Could not get the Homelink in my 2005 Highlander to program and open the airport gate no matter how much I followed the directions and tried. Very frustrating since I did not have a problem with my Chrysler Town & Country.
    So I looked at the directions for programming the Homelink in my wife's Kia Sedona. Lo and behold, an extra step. It starts by giving instructions to erase the factory default by pressing the #1 and #3 buttos simultaneously until rapid blinking. So I did that, then followed instructions for gate opener. Now it works! :)
  • hilandr05hilandr05 Posts: 18
    I know it is not a bug, its a "feature", but I can't help thinking that average MPH doesn't do much for me. I would much rather have "miles until empty" as I have in other cars. :P
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "miles until empty" is that the computation for that is totally dependent on the historical, average MPG. Which means you should NEVER rely on it when the gas stations are some great(er) distance apart.

    My 2001 C4 has that indication but I am aware that it is only reliable if I know the historical average MPG and am willing to maintain that level or better until I refill. Driving on the flat and level at 55MPH for the first 7/8 of a tank and then accelerating to 75MPH for the last, distance to empty, will leave you hiking to the nearest gas station every time.
  • atalost32atalost32 Posts: 1
    Purchased a 2005 V6 Highlander at end of March 2005, and I've had to bring it into the dealership 4 times since because of the warning lights. Any input is much appreciated!!!

    Trip 1: Warning lights on and stayed on overnight. Service center said my gas valve is loose and said to tighten it.
    Trip 2: Warning lights on and speedometer turned off while I was driving on the highway. Restarted car and speedometer was ok. Service center said they checked the entire system and couldnt find a problem.
    Trip 3: Warning lights on and speedometer turned off again. (Starting to get frustrated.) Service center changed some senor.
    Trip 4. Warning lights turns on and off sporadically so far for three weeks. (At the point of extreme frustration.) Once again, service center said they couldnt find the problem and sent me home.

    At this point, I wish I never bought this car and I would never recommend this car to anyone. Not only have I wasted my $30,000, I've wasted so many hours just to bring my car into the service center which is half an hour away. I dont know about anyone else, but I dont have the time to waste at the mechanic. I didnt buy a brand new car to go and sit inside a mechanic shop. If anyone has had similar problems, PLEASE let me know. Maybe something can be done about this.
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    That is frustrating but all vehicles, no matter how good their reputation, can have problems at times. You have been unlucky. Toyotas generally are hassle-free.

    I also have an '05 HL V6 and I have had zero problems so far.

    Sounds like a problem in the "computer" brain. You will need to persist at the dealers to find the answer, frustrating or not.
  • lgjavalgjava Posts: 48
    If it's just a computer problem that's one thing. If you have other problems with the car, that's something else entirely. How does it drive? My Highlander for example has crappy paint and steers to the left. Other than that though, my car drives like a dream. If it's any consolation I just took my brother's Volvo back because all his warning lights were on. Total price was $600. Then the battery died--all the fuses died again--all the warning lights back on. Come to think of it, the check engine light has been on since he bought his Volvo. The real question is mechanical--whether or not the car feels good and drives well. Computers can be fixed--just my two cents anyway.
  • ohmygoshohmygosh Posts: 66
    I have an '04 Highlander and I think it is one of the best SUV's out there. Its practical, looks and runs great, and gives me decent gas mileage for an SUV. As I mentioned above, the only problem that I've had so far is the moon roof. It needs a new motor and other parts. I guess these types of things are going to occur. The dealer gave me a new loaner to use in the interim, and so far I ain't complaing..
  • landdriverlanddriver Posts: 607
    Also many states have "lemon laws" so you may want to check to see if your's has one and if it applies in your case. California for example has one that says something like, if, within the first 18 months of ownership of a new motor vehicle or 18,000 miles, the dealer isn't able to fix a problem affecting safety in 2 attempts, isn't able to fix a problem not affecting safety in 4 attempts, or the vehicle is out of service for a cumulative 30 days or more, the manufacturer is required to give you a new vehicle or refund your money. There are other guidelines as well. (desertguy, correct me if I'm wrong on this...)
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Replace the battery.

    The most likely problem is an intermittently shorted cell within the battery.

    In the alternative you may have a loose connection on one side of the battery, or to the output side of the alternator.

    Friend of mine drove his brand new Ferrari Scarletti(??) from Seattle to Daytona this year with numerous service stops along the way. Just after the race, 24 hours of Daytona, it was towed, trucked, to Orlando for service, yet again, and it was discovered that the battery (-) connection was never tightened at the factory.

    Uneventfull drive home.
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