Hi. I need to lube the speedo cable on my Suburu Legacy 1993.

ukroyukroy Member Posts: 1
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Hi.I need to lube the speedo cable on my Suburu legacy 1993 does the cable come out from the speedometer
end.?Also what the best lube to use for the cable,also any pitfalls to avoid Thankyou


  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209
    yes for any vehicle the speedo cable should be disconnectable from the back of the speedo cluster, but i do not know the specifics for your particular vehicle.
    lubricating it might not fix it - it might be frayed. so if you are going to the trouble to get at it , you should consider swapping it since it's an inexpensive part. not sure how difficult it is to get at the cable on the transmission side, or to 'thread' the new cable however.
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