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Honda Crosstour redesign for 2015 or 2016

carcrazy37carcrazy37 Member Posts: 12
edited September 2014 in Honda

Just an opinion. Does anyone else see that the current Crosstour is based on the last model Acura TL? (Same engine but fewer valves per cylinder, able to run on regular gas. Hatch instead of trunk. Look at their dashboards, look at their front 1/4 panel.) But the TL had a big butt, so the Crosstour was stuck with it too. And not too many people wanted a heavy bloated funny looking awd hatchback, based on sales figures. Honda started getting it right by giving the front end a re-design with more of an off-road look. Except they left that big tall round butt. So what does Honda do going forward now that the TL is replaced by the TLX?

1) cancel the Crosstour (NO! Look at how many Subaru Legacy and Outbacks are sold. Despite sales, the Outback/Legacy is not a great vehicle. Surely Honda could come up with something to compete and beat that!)

2) take the current Accord, add AWD, add a wagon/hatchback 5th door for versatility, and offroad look

3) take the new TLX with AWD, add a wagon/hatchback 5th door for versatility, and offroad look, and simplify some of the features to bring down cost a bit.

As long as they come up with something attractive and affordable based on the new Accord or TLX, they should be able to steal buyers who have no choice right now but to buy the Outback for its features (Japanese, AWD, lots of room).

Agree? Other suggestions for the car? Any way to get Honda to give us some hints?


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    carcrazy37carcrazy37 Member Posts: 12

    Update: looks like 2015 Crosstour is available on Honda website unchanged. One web source indicated new product in 2015 so likely later in year 2015 as a 2016 model.

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    carcrazy37carcrazy37 Member Posts: 12
    edited February 2016
    So I am disappointed a bit with Honda and wrong (for now) about an updated model. No 2016 model. Best model years are used 2013-2015. They have the rear view camera and 6 speed transmission for the updated V6. For now, Honda concedes to the competition. Subaru is making a killing with revised versions of the Legacy and Impreza as Outback and Crosstrek. Honda can do even better, since their baseline product is better. (Look at what the Ridgeline - off the Pilot). A fairly good guess is that Honda will retry soon with a better design again likely based on the current Accord, or even better, with the TLX (to better amortize its costs, as they did with the TL).
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