August vs September Incentives

zacwarezacware Member Posts: 17
edited September 2014 in Hyundai

We are a multi-car Hyundai family, and we find ourselves suddenly needing a 4th car, We really need until next weekend to get ourselves ready to buy another car, but the big incentives on the Elantra technically end Tuesday (tomorrow).

My thinking is that since there are still quite a few 2014 Elantra models on the lot of just about every dealer in our area, that Hyundai will at least match the current set of Incentives ending Tuesday and extend them through September.

However, my wife is panicking that if we wait we will lose out on the current incentives. And for car number 4, money is tight!

Does anyone have any historical experience on August vs September time frame incentives for Hyundai?


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