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GMC Yukon XL Brake issues

dbgeddbged Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in GMC

Anyone experienced unusually short lifespan of brake pads and rotor issues. We had brakes done, and rotors turned of course, in December 2012. I began noticing what I believed to be a brake shim in steering wheel in Sept 2013 and had it looked at month or two later as it became more severe and I was sure that's what it was. Well, pads were replaced (under warranty - saved me like $20) and rotors had to be resurfaced in November/December 2013. Well, noticed the same problem again this past weekend while driving it.

I understand harsh braking/driving personalities can cause this, but my wife drives the vehicle primarily and is no way a harsh braker to cause the rotors to be warped like this in less than a year for a 2nd time.

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