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I have a 2000 pontiac montana, it's out of warranty with 45,000mi. the air bag warning light is always on, it's been this way for a couple of weeks, at one time when it first occurred my wife had honked the horn and the light went off for a while, but it is always on now.

Took the car to the dealer for recall on the power door and they wanted $70 to just hook it up to their computer so I am asking for some advice before I pay the dealer to repair it. I do own a plug in tester that jumps out the computer connector and flashes a code on one of the idiot lights but it's been a few years and I don't remember the procedure or where to reference the code it gives.

what I am asking is

1:any simple things to check or reset for my air bag light ?
2:what is the procedure to use the tester to spit out a code?
3:where can I reference that code to a specific problem?


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    First, if the code reader isn't OBD-II connector compatible it won't work.
    Second, it's the policy of most conscientious techs NOT to post SRS info on the internet because of possible injury or vehicle damage concerns due to an accidental deployment. Even after disconnecting the battery you can still get a face full of airbag fired from the reserve capacitors, since batteries can get broken in frontal impacts.
    Suggest you contact a body shop or other repair facility with SRS trained staff.
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    This is a subject that is best left to the qualified mechanic.
    I know that isn't what you wanted to hear, but believe me, if you have ever been under the dash when an airbag deployed, you would understand the stance from the mechanics point of view.
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    I would not give up on the warranty angle yet Mr. Fleming. Yes you may be 9,000 miles over but the car should be less then 2 years old. Anything in the air bag system that would set the light should not be a wear item that miles driven would effect. When the Air Bag warning light is on none of the 4 bags would deploy in an accident. (The manual says they could also deploy without and accident but I would doubt that). Dealers have some room to extend the 36/36 and I would think an important safety system would be a place to do a goodwill repair. I would suggest that you request (maybe even expect) the diagnosis and repair be covered. If the dealer says no, show your belief in how important this and pay for the repair then request reinbursment from the dealer. If still no give, request a call from the dealership when the local Pontiac rep is next in the dealership. You could also check with another dealership on the repair being covered or reinbursed. Good luck, and please post back with more info.
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