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2015 Acura MDX - 200 miles - Transmission problem

sjaganathansjaganathan Member Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Acura

Well, just got my new MDX with 200 miles on it. An hour ago, I got a message on the front display "Transmission system problem" and the shift has been very choppy except at very low speeds. Made it home and called roadside assistance. Waiting to call the dealership in the morning. What are my options at this point besides waiting to get it fixed at the dealership?


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    sjaganathansjaganathan Member Posts: 2

    Acura roadside assistance - don't count on it!

    It has been two and a half hours and no sign of the tow truck. When I called back, another 25 minutes. 3 hours (hopefully) to get a tow truck!!!

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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited September 2014

    Not much you can do other than have the dealer pick it up and diagnose the problem. And then fix it under warranty. You can ask the dealer to let you swap vehicles but unless Acura is willing to help the dealer out, chances are they are going to tell you it's just a warranty issue. The dealer would most likely have to resell it as a used car if they swap it out with another one (and that would cost the dealer more money than doing a warranty repair). Worth asking about though.

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