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Can anyone help me? I have a 1993 Trooper with 78,800 miles and it needs new fuel injectors. The dealer quoted me $1,000.00 to complete the repair; $700.00 for parts and $300.00 for labor. Is this too much for this job? I would also like to know if anyone knows of any other major repair issues I might be looking forward to with this car. I am the original owner and so far the only repairs I have had to make is a new starter. I haven't even put on new breaks or a clutch yet! The car has been great and reliable. I'm just concerned that this may be the beginning of many costly repairs and I would like some advise.
Please email me directly as I am anxious to get some feedback.

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    this is, I gather, a V-6? Let's see.........

    A typical injector retails maybe at $90 ($60 wholesale, dealer probably buys it for $45), so that's $540 dollars. Then they have to remove the entire injection rail, plug in new injectors, clip them back into the rail, reattached all the hoses, etc. so maybe 3 hours on that?

    Yeah, it's looking close to $1,000, although that is full dealer no-mercy retail pricing.

    Why are the injectors being replaced exactly?

    Are there no alternative specialists in your area?
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    The injectors. are leaking into the engine and I am having trouble with start-up, weather the car is cold or not. There is also a lot of smoke when I start the car up.
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    Ah, okay...IF that's the right diagnosis. Did this show up on an engine analyzer. You should be spitting out lots of excess emissions if you have internally leaking injectors.

    What I see here is that they want to replace ALL of them even though perhaps only one is leaking. This is because when you remove the injection rail, you disturb the seals on all the injectors, so some may leak if you just replace one injector and put back the other 5 with the old seals.

    I did this job on a Jeep, that had one bad injector. I replaced the one injector but put new seals on the other injectors. First time I bolted it all up, still had one leak, second time no leaks.
    So I think they are playing it safe by replacing all the injectors. I guess if I were running a shop I'd do the same, but that's about $400 more than you may need, if you think about it.

    I was rather hoping some independent shop might take on the job of identifying and replacing the faulty injector or two. It seems highly unlikely that all 6 failed at once, don't you think?

    I'll tell you one thing, your truck better run like new when they're done...if it's "oh, we found something else" I'd have a fit....because that means they mis-diagnosed.
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    Thanks for your advice. I do think only one is leaking but, as you say, better safe than sorry to replace them all. I do have quite a bit of em missions and they did say there is evidence of fuel leakage into the engine 0nally. I have 2 small kids and really do not want to take any chances with service people. This was the dealer's diagnosis. I don't think they are being dishonest. The car got an oil change at the same time and they did not believe anything else was wrong. They do not want to complete this repair on a Saturday, saying that "If anything goes wrong with the job, they have no access to other parts and may not complete the job." They also said that they have techs better able to handle the job during the week.

    I just hope that this is not the beginning of more problems to come with this car. Have you heard of any other Trooper problems?
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    check for a leaking gasket which causes some startup problems as well. www.planetisuzoo.com has some info on this.

    Good Luck,
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    Most people seem quite happy with their Troopers. You know, after 7 years, things will come up now and then.
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    I have a 99 S with 14k miles (new in 8/99). Isuzu recommmends fairly major service at 15k. I will trade new in 9/02 with about 24k on the odo. I don't see the need for the 15k service (no off road) based on trading in about a year. Any comments???
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    I think under normal(not Severe)conditions, only normal maint. is needed. the only extra that might need looking is that the axle oils needs to be replaced. I will check my 01 Trooper Man. but I think that is it.

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    I took it back to my old mechanic and he found the fuel regulator is leaking and I have gasket leaks. He figures once all that is fixed, I should be okay. He believes the guys at the other dealer have diagnosed the most expensive repair possible not to mention, he feels the injectors are not the problem..and would tell me I have these other, more obvious problems as well. I am now waiting on parts and hope I don't have anything else go wrong. It's getting to be time to look for a new car soon..
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    Sound like you have a great mechanic! Hard to find them now a days. Since my 01 Trooper is under Warr. still, I have been taking it to the dealer. But for my other cars, I take it to my local guy I have used for years. Always fixes the problem correctly and charges very fair(much less than the dealer).

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    If you haven't changed your timing belt yet, you may want to be proactive and change that out at the mileage your at, unless you'll be selling. I also had my water pump changed out at the same time as they were doing the timing belt. I've got 103,000 on mine and has been pretty good as far as any maintenance bills. Hopefully you already had the "oil cap" that's under a recall fixed already. Mine popped out before I was notified. No damage, but alot of leaking oil.

    One problem I noticed recently with my 93 trooper is the oil pressure fluctuating. Dropping down to 15 psi when I come to a stop, but running stead at 45 -50 when I'm moving down the road. This is the first I've seen it, but when I brought it to the dealer, they showed me the write up that says it's "normal" for the 93. Has anyone else seen this problem.
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    I have a 1991 Trooper (2.6liter) that has a "no idle" problem. I have changed all sensors and catalyic converters without solving the problem. Once vehicle warms up idle improves. any suggestions?
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