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Sonoma, California
Last Active
Sonoma, California
Vehicle(s) I currently own
Mini Cooper S; Dodge Dakota 4X4, Triumph TR6


  • bob_galardi
    I've got a 2002 VW Cabrio with follow codes. P0506, P1850, P1580, P0725, P1780. Can you tell me the issues I store?
    July 17
  • Mr_Shiftright changed their profile picture.
    June 30
  • imaeaglesfan
    Yes like a misfire
    June 22
  • magnette
    Hi - Magnette here

    About three years ago I changed email accounts and it seems although I changed them on everything else I didn't change my email address here.

    How do I do that as I no longer have that old email address - it no longer exists- so I need to give you my new one (I can keep the same password I suppose - but I suspect you will need me to acknowledge this from my old address so that won't work.

    My email address for reply to this'll be [email protected] whereas on this site I am still known as [email protected] which no longer exists...
    June 17
  • keithm8
    hello from southern Ontario (Canada) ....I wonder if I may post a fuel shut off question regarding my 1987 300D ?
    The RED STOP lever for emergency fuel shut off on the side of the engine block seems to be a problem ....first symptom was that it would not stay in mid position, so it had the fuel shut off and the engine would not start (as if out of fuel) it started immediately when I propped the stop level up a little. BUT now it wont start regardless where the level position is, so Im thinking something woren or broken inside the shut off valve. Any ideas how to resolve this would be helpful. Thks
    June 12
  • dustydust1987
    Do you think I should buy a 2002 z71 suburban with 175000 miles for 6900 from Chevy dealership
    June 10
  • tmart
    I accidentally hit something and now Edmunds wants me to add a comment. It’s like I hit the guote button. I can erase it by back spacing, but it keeps coming back when exiting and coming back. Only way I’ve found to get rid of it is to erase it and leave a real comment. There must be a better way! Help. Thanks.
    June 4