Question on Keyless Entry. 2015 Acura RDX

road_gypsyroad_gypsy Member Posts: 5
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Sometimes when I enter the 2015 RDX I hear two beeps, most of the time not. What's that about?

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  • road_gypsyroad_gypsy Member Posts: 5
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    Thanks for the effort, but I'm not referring to the one beep that can be programmed. Every once in a while I will hear two beeps, one right after the other, and I've experimented with using both remotes.


  • slinger1slinger1 Clearwater, FLMember Posts: 28
    If you have two remote transmitters for the vehicle keep in mind that each one can be customized separately to certain settings, in particular whether or not you hear a beep when you grab either front door handle (p.91 in your owner's manual) or possibly keyless lock acknowledgment (p.92).
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