GMC Sierra Poor rust protection!!!

claude7676claude7676 Member Posts: 1
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If you are considering purchasing a GMC Truck. Please read first. I own a 2007 new generation and am very disappointed with their product. It had a warranty that expired just a year ago. Ironically, now the rust is protruding over the wheel well of the box. I went to the dealers so they could have a look, they were appalled at the amount of rust showing. They estimated the cost would be in the neighborhood of $4,000.00 for the repair. They apologized since they could not help me because of the warranty had expired. I then contacted GM, they were very sympathetic and gave me a glimpse of hope, the possibility of financial help to repair the issue. I kept calling them as I was eager for any news. After about 2 months, to my great disappointment, they call me to let me know that there is no financial help available since the warranty has ended. I don't know if all trucks of that year and newer have the same problem but was informed that it's common to the GMC Sierra 2007 and NEWER so BUYERS BEWARE!!!!

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